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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Finally listening.
    @RJF was right
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  2. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I persuaded and thus convinced a Canadian couple to buy both their albums today as they were looking for something 'British and beautiful' and they were the first act that sprung to mind. Bones Of a Ribbon is still so sublime, in particular.
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  3. I'm quite embarrassed that I didn't give the album enough time when it came out. Revisiting it now and so many standout moments that totally passed me by on initial listen - the one-two punch of "Non Believer" and "Bones of Ribbon" in particular. All in all it certainly stands shoulder to shoulder with If You Wait.
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  4. Same. With everything.

  5. Why not a Gemma Collins calendar.
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  6. The Aaron Renfree ones ran out.
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  7. @Joanie bought them all
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  8. My favourite British record this year, easily. How Hannah's voice isn't recognised as a national treasure on a par with Adele's, lord only knows.
  9. After a few background play throughs this album definitely reveals itself.
  10. I listen to my music by chucking everything new into a playlist and pressing shuffle.

    Hell To the Liars and Rooting for You are still in it, after removing most of everything else from last year. I just never get bored of them.
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  11. It's interesting, I wouldn't say this album is a typical grower, but I have to admit I underrated this a bit when it first appeared. Big fan of "If You Wait" and this one was a bit too patchy and overall felt too safe for my taste. While I still feel like that about the "main record", the Bonus Tracks have really started to connect with me these past few months, especially "Different Breeds" and "May The Best". Still don't know why they decided to release this in Summer. I probably needed the colder and darker days to feel this a bit more.

    Also, no love for "Wild Eyed"?? It's BY FAR my favourite tune of the regular record, but people don't seem to like it that much.
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  12. I’m now thinking the second album is superior to the first. Played it on the way to work and kept thinking I wanted to play TIABT instead. I love both though.
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  13. It definitely is superior to the first album for me. I'm not keen on the bonus tracks - but the main album is brilliant!
  14. They have a song on the I Kill Giants soundtrack.

  15. Any word on a third album?

    I've been playing the debut a lot lately, but I still think Help Me Lose My Mind is the best thing they've done. And one of the best songs of the decade, honestly. I'd kill for another Disclosure collab.
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  16. They took forever with the second, so I wouldn't expect anything before 2020.
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  17. The second album was worth the wait so if they can do the same quality I can wait. It's like a Sade thing.
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  18. Love both their albums. The bonus discs are essential though.

    Has a bonus disc ever been so superior as: Help, Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me Now, Help Me Lose My Mind, High Life, Maybe and When We Were Young?

    And 'Truth Is a Beautiful Thing' gave us 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'.
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  19. High Life is heavenly. An airy bop.
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