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London Grammar

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Their debut is absolutely fantastic and I'm more than perched for their follow-up.
  2. I am too. Hope they can channel the tour burnout to a new classic and not 'been around the world' songs.
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  3. Hannah Reid is THE vocalist of recent vintage.

    Their debut is still so good, I don't see how they could possibly top that.
  4. So... what happened? I can't find their album on Spotify nor Apple Music. :v
  5. They're managed by Johnny Dickens who manages Adele[gend] so perhaps he's pushing his artists away from streaming.
  6. Ah, that would make sense. I was looking for them the other day too. I really hope that streaming services find a better business model to work with artists, because it's a shame for gems like this to not be available to the general public.
  7. It was never on there.
  8. I understand it for established acts but for new ones I'd think it makes sense to encourage them to get on as many platforms as possible, especially when pirating is still such an easy option, even if it's slightly less easy than it was before.

    But hey (now), they're fantastic and their talent shines on through. Hopefully we can expect a new album this year.
  9. So I listened to this in full today after a mega stressful day at work. It's such a blissful album. Do we know if they're going to be doing anything else soon?
  10. Perhaps it's a regional thing, I can see the album on Spotify.
  11. They're doing a few performances in Australia over the next week or so and have already announced one festival date in Europe for next year (2017), so I think it's safe to say the wheels are in motion for the second album 'era'.

    Can't wait! Been revisiting their songs lately; they're perfect for chilly, foggy winter weather and early sunset days.
  12. Get that album out then! The album won't sound the same if it's released in the summer.
  13. I never miss bands and I miss them.
  14. You can always get that 'coldest British summer' to go with.
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  15. 'Fingers in ears' We're going to have a scorchio summer no miserable rain and shivery temperatures, no, no, no...
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  16. Love their first album, also here for more bonus tracks like 'Help' and 'High Life'.
  17. They lent themselves to great remixes as well, especially 'Hey now' and 'Nightcall'.
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  18. I love this one, Mykonos sunset alert.

    Solomun is woof? I didn't know.
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  19. "and my darling, I've been rooting for you..."
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