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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Babylon, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. RJF


    I like this description a lot, but I don't hear the point where it burns. It flickers all the way for me, before guttering out.
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  2. Very pretty, understated. It's their 'Where the Streets Have No Name'.
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  3. Big Picture is gorgeous (Not that they've ever delivered anything less). I do agree that it doesn't really burn, but when the drums kick in, the flickers let some embers loose
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  4. It's rather lovely and you're right, it does sound very "Jon Hopkins feat. London Grammar". The If You Wait singles took a while to properly hit me so let's see!
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  5. Big Picture is stunning.

    Oh and I'm loving the art direction for this campaign so far:

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  6. I knew that was a Sophie Muller video.
    I'm afraid they may have dropped all trip-hop/electronic elements this time around. It was what made them stand out for me initially.
  7. Big Picture just broke my heart. Exceptionally beautiful.
  8. My gods, you guys, when I saw London Grammar x Jon Hopkins on the page, how my buss quivered.

    A large part of what made their craft so appealing for me was their restraint. They create these gorgeous soundscapes and close the blinds on them just after you get the briefest glimpse of how they could evolve to something grander. As a result, none of their songs ever truly go awf. I realise how that could be frustrating, but for me, imagining what their songs could be beyond what they actually were was a large part of the band's beautiful, romantic allure.

    "Big Picture" injects a bit more verve into this formula; the buildup is longer, and it doesn't really "build up" to anything big, but the sonic journey along the way, through the vocals and the production, is full of texture and detail. The little guitar licks kicking up motes of glittery dust. Her vocal inflections lightly singeing then cooling the song. And the beat transitions phasing in like distant rolls of night thunder. For me, it was also supremely and delightfully relatable having absorbed Hopkins' catalogue over the years. Something like this masterpiece may possibly help understand the idea of the buildup as the song itself.

    "Big Picture" just applies their restraint to what feels like a longer setpiece; there's this constant, ever growing awareness of something tremendous looming, out of sight but tremulously inside mind.

    It is, of course, stunning.
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  9. I was waiting for that big chorus. You know, where they throw caution to the wind, Hannah just belts it out, and the instrumental swells up into a hurricane. But it never came and I was a bit let down.

    Still, my fears after hearing Rooting For You have been dampened. Fingers crossed Big Picture's a better representation of the album.
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  10. Big Picture is very pretty-sounding but it leaves me wanting more. I agree that it's a little formless.
  11. Hm. Again , this is slightly too sparse for my taste. It's beautiful, I could listen to it on repeat for ages, but I don't feel like it grabs my attention in the way that Hey Now, Stronger, Metal and Dust , Nightcall, Shyer, Flickers, Wasting My Young Years or, well , the entire first album does. That pre-chorus is brilliant though.
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  12. Heartbreaking and beautiful.
  13. These are both gorgeous but like the xx I have no time for stand-alone songs from bands like this. Give me the album, and I will probably play it 300 times in a week.
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  14. This was my initial reaction.

    Big Picture is lovely, but its a bit of a tease, it needed to go off at the end.
  15. It would be nice to have some album info...
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  16. Big Picture starts out really promising and I find myself waiting for this massive key change and instrumental explosion only to be left with more subtly. It's a shame but I feel like I've disappointed myself with it.
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  17. 'Big Picture' has grown on me immensely over the past 24 hours.
  18. Just heard Big Picture, it's really lovely. Yes it could do with the good bit coming along a tad earlier and growing into the M83-esque epic it teases rather than standing firmly in limp, drawn-out instrumental territory, but I'm finding it far more engaging than anything on their debut.
  19. Pretty great live set from them here (starts @2:50). They played "Big Picture" (which has this added gentle pulse live), "Rooting For You" (even more meandering live , to be honest), "Strong" (still lovely) and a cover of "Bittersweet Symphony" (somewhat expected, but executed very proficiently).

    Album announcement should be coming soon, no?
  20. Big Picture hit me hard today. The lyrics and production just hit right.
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