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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Itty Bitty Piggy, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Big Picture hit me hard today. The lyrics and production just hit right.
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  2. The album is called "Truth Is A Beautiful Thing" and it's coming in June:


    1. Rooting For You
    2. Big Picture
    3. Wild Eyed
    4. Oh Woman Oh Man
    5. Hell To the Liars
    6. Everyone Else
    7. Non Believer
    8. Bones of Ribbon
    9. Who Am I
    10 Leave the War With Me
    11. Truth Is a Beautiful Thing

    Deluxe Edition:
    12. What a Day
    13. Different Breeds
    14. Control
    15. Trials (Demo)
    16. May the Best (Church Mix)
    17. Rooting For You (Demo)
    18. Bitter Sweet Symphony (Live At Maida Vale Studios)

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  3. The title track is gorgeous.

    Still hoping we get some beats, I need my Metal & Dust 2.0
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  4. RJF


    Yeah, I'm going to need the album to have a bit of a pulse at some point. "Big Picture" completely opened up for me over the last few weeks and Hannah's voice has me fucking meltingggggg on the title track, but the way to make these songs ache even more is to not overdo it.

    Also, there's a timestamp on Apple Music for "Oh Woman Oh Man" (4:35) so I'm assuming we'll get that at some point. June feels so far away too...
  5. The single artwork for Big Picture would have made a better album image...
    Nevertheless I am looking forward to this album, the 3 new tracks are all gorgeous.
  6. Very excited for this.

    I think the title track is a bit of a strange pre-release track because it's such a closing track mood piece that doesn't feel 100% without the rest of the album preceding it.

    'Big Picture' is still AMAZING.
  7. Truth really is a beautiful track, and yes, an odd choice for a promo track. But as has also been said here, would be nice for a bit of oomph through the album too.
  8. Beautiful song like the other two, but waiting for the album.
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  9. I think we'll get those via remix.
    Any excuse to post bae Solomun spinning this:
  10. New track is absolutely beautiful once again. It feels like this will not be a very accessible album, but an atmospheric piece you will have to consume as a whole. I remember them playing the 'Hell To The Liars' track at Melt Festival back in the Summer of 2015.
  11. Pre-orders up!

    Signed CDs and vinyl if you're bothered. Went for the signed marbled vinyl.
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  12. Thanks for posting that. I checked this morning and couldn't find anything. Just bagged a signed CD, whoop!
  13. All three songs have been such beautiful growers. I absolutely adore them. So looking forward to the album!
  14. Well, those signed vinyls didn't hang about, did they? Was lucky enough to grab one, thanks so much, HeartSwells. x
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  15. I just want some big crescendos and strong melodies. Their debut really got the balance just right and the things we've heard so far have been just off the mark for me.
  16. It's here

    More of a bop than anything else so far? Really laid back and groovy. The adlibs are just lovely.

    Also, it's making me pressed that the artwork for this and "Big Picture" is far better than that of the actual album.
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  17. RJF


    Fucking STUNNING. And a Paul Epworth track too? Stab me.
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  18. It's that age-old major label belief that you need a pretty headshot for the cover to sell CDs etc.
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