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Looking for...Early 80s HI-NRG Disco/Dance Tracks

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by sushimuffin, Aug 2, 2009.

  1. Hello, I'm trying to make a mix. Unfortunately it's a little before my time. Anyone want to help? Touchpoints are:

    Desire - Roni Griffith
    Passion - The Flirts
    Some Divine
    Some Bobby O
    Maybe some Yazoo
    Lime perhaps

    I really like female vocalists. The gayer the better. Also interested in anything Italo Disco and synth-filled. Love obscure one-hit wonders.

  2. Fucking amazing! Thank you. Love it. I, too, can't get enough of this genre.
  3. you might wanna check out "fancy too" - slice me nice, chinese eyes, bolero, etc.
  4. New Order - Temptation
    Kelly Marie - Don't Stop (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlmX7ZfYzxw)
    Gina X Performance - Plastic Surprise Box (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NppuBYIKe8)
    Cristina - What's A Girl To Do
    Amanda Lear - Assassino
    Kim Wilde - Dancing In The Dark
    Evelyn Thomas - High Energy
    France Joli - Blue Eyed Technology (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00zM8SsafX8)
    Shannon - Let The Music Play
    Grace Jones - Art Groupie
    Dusty Springfield - Donnez-Moi (Give It To Me)
    Nina Hagen - New York, N.Y
  5. These are from a vinyl compilation I have called Hi NRG 2 (a lot of the tracks produced by Hi NRG guru Ian Levine). I mark with * songs I like:

    He's a saint, he's a sinner - Miquel Brown (*)
    Nothing's worse than being alone - Velvette
    Emergency - Laura Pallas (*)
    Happiness - Christopher Street
    Primitive desire - Eastbound Expressway

    Alive with love (a love letter) - Tina Fabrique
    You turned my bitter into sweet - Linda Lewis (*)
    I love men - Cinema (*)
    In orbit - Yvonne Gidden
    Somebody to love - Cafe Society
    Tie me down - Romance

    Volume I apparently (I haven't got this one) included:

    So many men, so little time - Miquel Brown
    Countdown (here I come) - Kofi & The Love Tones
    Skiing in the snow - Laura Pallas & The Reputations
    It's too late - Simone
    Didn't say a word - Sghirley Lewis

    The Visitors - Abba (?)
    I'm living my own life - Earlene Bentley
    I am what I am - Gloria Gaynor
    You're a winner - Sharon Redd
    Where is my man - Eartha Kitt
  6. I was going to mention Evelyn Thomas and Shannon, but wasn't sure if they counted as early 80s enough, being 1984 (ish).

  7. Thanks, these are all fantastic suggestions. Keep 'em coming! So far I'm loving "Heart Heart Beat Beat" (and how brilliant of an album title is "No! Mr. Boom Boom"?), and also the Man2Man track, "Male Stripper." I love "Magic Holiday" too! Great stuff.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Bump for an old thread!

    I just, for reasons unknown, heard Divine's "I'm So Beautiful" for the first time today. It had just passed me by before. What a chorus! I love it!
  9. Well I am glad you have discovered it, It's one of many of my favorite Divine tracks ..... where did you hear it?

    A question to anyone one who can help. I use to have a high energy compilation album back in the 80's and it contained a cover of a Jonie Mitchell track and I cannot remember what the song was or who covered it. I remember the album also having a Seventh Avenue track on it. Any ideas?
  10. Was it Both Sides Now by Viola Wills?

  11. My god that was quick, yes that's the One! Thanks, I haven't heard it since about 1987! I am just going to see if they have it on youtube.
  12. Haha! Well the reason I knew it instantly was I'm a bit of a Joni nut and I also own the Dare To Dream single by Viola Wills (from '86) and it has that song on the B-side.

  13. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    I don't know why I said "reasons unknown", that wasn't quite what I meant, haha. I was looking at Italo Disco stuff, and saw mention of Divine, and so I looked on YouTube, and there was Mr Milstead. I couldn't stop listening to it last night, I even favourited it on YouTube and watched it on my phone in bed, haha.

    It seems quite hard to find a good Divine compilation CD, his output was a bit sporadic. Any recommendations?
  14. I'm glad someone else appreciates the genius of I'm So Beautiful, it's one of my all time favourite songs.

    A comprehensive Divine CD is quite hard to find, I've found you can either get the Stock Aitken Waterman stuff (I'd recommend the 1988 Maid In England album) or the earlier Bobby O stuff. You could try a 1994 compilation called The Cream of Divine or 1984's The Story So Far. There is also a remix album called T Shirts & Tight Blue Jeans.
  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Guest

    Thanks Call It Love, I'll have a hunt!
  16. I have been looking for a decent Divine compilation for years.

    I have 2 of his earlier compilation cds 'The Best Of & The Rest' which is the earlier singles and I have 'You Think You're a Man' which is later track's. It was a cheapo compilation but the quality isn't bad

    Divine's Theme
    You Think You're A Man (7:02 )
    Give It Up
    I'm So Beautiful (7:09)
    Show Me Around
    Walk Like A Man (Remix)
    Twistin' The Night Away (Remix)
    Good Time '88
    Hard Magic (Magic Mix)
    Little Baby (Remix)
    Hey You! (Remix)
    Divine Reprise

    You may find a secondhand copy somewhere.

    Stay clear of the 'Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin - Female Trouble' remix album, I have never been able to listen to it even though every couple of Years I drag the Cd out to see if has improved to my ears.

    I am hoping Cherry Pop will release a decent compilation one day.
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