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Looks like Nylon are finished...

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ScOtty2oo6, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. In the Uk

    I loved their first single and it was good to have a band back like bellefire and they even made the top 30 with their debut and not all that much promotion apart from the GA tour but looks like they've thrown it all away.

    Their Closer single is alwrite just nothing special and the video is a total ripoff to Whole Lotta History (GA)

    The B-side Sweet Dreams just is a total mess , the video is horrendous , sooo cheap and just awful looking ,

    So its no suprise the single looks set to totally mess the charts and the album set to follow will hit the bargin bins before its released.

    So whats gone wrong???

    They could have done well :(
  2. I was looking forward to their next single. 'Losing a Friend' really reminds me of the summer.

    Hey ho. At least I can get their album from Iceland I suppose.
  3. They were also on the McFly tour, as well as the Westlife tour earlier this year, so you thought fans of Westlife, GA and McFly would all combine to get them up the charts, no? Well, no...
  4. Their music is old-fashioned and their image has been tried a thousand times before. That the original poster compared them to Bellefire speaks volumes.
  5. They got booed at McFLY.
  6. They're wet. They look totally out of place right now. Passive, ballady rubbish really. I though Sweet Dreams was a step in the right direction but maybe not. I still bought the single... but I buy owt me.
  7. Funny that they paid attention - people just went out to get pints and burgers at Girls Aloud.
  8. I just looked them up on YouTube. To save you guys the hassle I went through of wading through stocking fetish videos, here:

    Sweet Dreams - http://youtube.com/watch?v=ryP1APLdKHs
    I expected to hate this, given that trying to cover Annie Lennox is almost unspeakable, but I really really loved it. The video is also great: low budget, but classy. Not tacky like some of the Girls Aloud videos (and their clothes look less New Look too).

    Losing a Friend - http://youtube.com/watch?v=CtaiL2Z-hiE
    Lots of people will probably love this, but I'm afraid it's the kind of song I really hate. It sounds like folk music or The Corrs or something.

    Closer - http://youtube.com/watch?v=P-YB9C5Zfmk
    Another one I hate. Just wet and dreary and slow. Like a really boring, uncatchy, tuneless Atomic Kitten album number or something.

    This band look good, and they sing well, they need more decent upbeat poppy stuff.

  9. That's the mentality Frank had. And look how successful they were.
  10. Ergo, The Faders on the Kelly Clarkson tour - I don't think they even got round to releasing that song before they split.
  11. I heard SDAMOT the other day and it's just another bad rendition of the song.
  12. Well it was never a good idea to release your single at the same time as two of the acts they were supporting - who are the fans more likely to support this week, the main act they saw on tour, or the support act?

  13. In what alternate dimension was this pile of manure ever going to have any success whatsoever? Did I miss something.

    They came, they went, and writing this post is the most caring I'll ever do about them.
  14. Rumours of one of them sleeping with one of McFly probably didnt help. You know how teenage girls are.
  15. Frank were so much better on the Girls Aloud tour.
  16. So we're just guessing that they are finished this is not actually fact then??
  17. I think one of them looks like Sarah Harding, especially in the Closer video.
  18. They are too boring and uninteresting! They're music is too generic.
  19. even clea did better and got less exposure
  20. they are not finished at all in their own country and mabey a few others but their plan to be big in the uk has totally gone wrong , doubt we will get a 3rd single
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