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Who is your LOONA bias?

Poll closed May 30, 2018.
  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

Multiple votes are allowed.

  1. AKSJDHSJSJSJS @God please stop Orbits.
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  2. Why the fuck is Olivia Hye smiling that is the opposite of what Olivia Hye is about.
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  3. Olivia sweetie, don’t listen to her, you’re doing amazing.
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  4. What high school yearbook photographer did they get for these promo shots?

    I'm waiting for the slightly looking back over shoulder pose...
    or awkward chin resting on hand pose...
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  5. He


    The pastiness of OT12 is real.

    Watch our favorite intern put it down to the powers of the full moon on their window or something.

  6. Okay not gonna lie, everytime I watch these, I swear the % changes every single time ddd. There's just one thing that never changes : Heejin at the top, kii.




    Am I a messy orbit with a lot of time (and a glass of wine) on her hands?


    So... Here's my predictions about their positions in the group because I can and it's a free country xoxo

    • Face of the group
    • Center
    • Visual
    • Lead Vocals (will get more lines in general than the actual main vocals, but main vocalists will get the high notes/belts. I still think there’s a chance they will just make her Main Vocal too, though. They might as well if they're just gonna give her all the lines.)
    • Main Dancer (I think, if not, then Lead Dancer)

    • Vocals (should be sub-vocalist, but I think she will get the really fast and short one-liners throughout their songs more often than the other weaker singers)
    • Lead Dancer (maybe, I don’t know. She doesn't get screentime as a dancer at all, but she follows Yves in a lot of her center formations, so maybe)
    • Visual

    • Lead Vocals (but there’s a seed for “Main Vocal” too. Either way, she will be underused throughout their songs except ballads, and most of the lines will go the the popular lead vocals instead; i.e Kim Lip, Heejin, Yves. And the belts and ad-libs will go to the main vocals)
    • Leader

    • Maknae
    • Sub-vocals
    • Rapper

    • Sub-vocals
    • She’s not even treated as a visual right now. I don’t know what’s up with BBC...
    • Maybe she will be treated as some sort of lead dancer?

    Kim Lip:
    • Lead Vocals (will get more lines in general than the actual main vocals, but main vocalists will get the high notes/ad-libs)
    • Main Dancer
    • 2nd Center ??? (does that even exist? dddd)
    • Visual

    • Main Vocals (I’m putting it out in the universe, leave me alone ok-urrr?! She deserves this)=
    • Main Rapper
    • Visual

    • Lead Dancer
    • Vocals
    • Rapper

    • Main Dancer
    • Lead Vocals

    • Main Vocals

    Go Won:
    • Visual
    • Lead Rapper
    • Lead Dancer (I think we're assuming this based on her pre-debut dance videos, but she wasn't shown being such a good dancer in either her solo, yyxy performances or 'favorite', so hmm.)
    • Sub-Vocals

    Olivia Hye:
    • Lead Dancer
    • Vocals

    But let's be real. Because it's LOONA and because it's BBC. Watch them give no official positions kii.
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  7. He


    Scream at Heejin.

    She was already snatching main vocal parts in 1/3 so I believe this.
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  8. When I said 'Visual', I meant it.
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  9. Is it possible to re-do the poll i’m annoyed that Gowon & Olivia are not here and that I didn’t vote for Yeojin nn
  10. I'd vote for OLIVIA HYE.
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  11. So the new merchandise lowkey spoiled-ish the new pictures, but it’s not like we can see much, so whatever.



    You can change/edit your vote!

    Sadly I think there’s a 10-choices limit to the poll, so I’m not entirely sure if we can add more?
    Or is this wrong?
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  12. No, this is true. We'd need to use strawpoll or something.
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  14. Another FaceApp teaser. I love the pigtails!
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  16. I’m kinda living for how much Orbits seem to be losing their minds over the ordering of the ++ shots, the best theory was Girl = Girl + Girl but either BBC can’t add up (the irony) or they’re just toying with us again because the remaining girls don’t all add up dddd.
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  17. He


    Queen’s of showing white people their mistakes.

    I like his reactions.
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