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Who is your LOONA bias?

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  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. I'm not really a big fan of this era (I only like Butterfly and Where You At and I was disappointed about what all those yyxy teasers meant) but what the xx era proved is that Orbits can really be powerful when everyone is united, both Hanbits and Wuebits. It was just a really badly-timed comeback (but they have always followed the moon phases anyway), and the distributor problem was just so random and came out of nowhere.

    Looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store for them. I'm honestly positive about anything LOONA-related, but I do hope they at least do decently in Japan, that we get that yyxy comeback, and have another OT12 album before the year ends.

    My verdict: They should pirate whoever is in charge of scheduling APink's comebacks for themselves. Teehee.
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  2. This era was good to Haseul... so that means it was good to me. Though I noticed that Jinsoul took a pretty severe backseat this time round. Her presence felt missed!

    I'm hoping for their next full comeback there isn't a collective feeling of 'huh?' for the title track dddd, we were so confused when it dropped.

    sidenote: I'm the only one who thinks Yves sounds severely different on the OT12 stuff compared to her solo? I have a hard time picking out her voice these days without visual cues.
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  3. I think Olivia, Haseul and Kim Lip were the stars of this era, especially Olivia. I appreciate that it was a lot more fair than Hi High and almost every member got to be the focus thanks to that very detailed choreography.
  4. jj_


    I agree with the points stated above although not having Go Won as centre in Butterfly was a missed opportunity for obvious reason. Line distribution is so fair it almost seems forced but they made us happy at least.
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  5. The choreo is still so impressive and exactly what I was hoping to get from OT12 LOONA, especially after Favorite and Hi High which were cute but messy n typical.

    I think this comeback was everything it needed to be (in terms of concept, performance, fashion, etc.) and I'm excited for what this year is gonna bring to us orbits.
  6. I'm really happy with the era personally. 'Butterfly' is amazing, and I absolutely love what they did with the videoclip and I hope it starts a trend of more inclusivity in K-Pop videos. Minorities queens, all that.
    I also feel like the performances have been better in general. Everything is very sleek and precise. They're really killing it at the moment. And well, superficial maybe, but some of the girls truly look amazing at the moment. Choerry with the purple hair, Haseul with the short hair, etc.

    Now that the EP has been out for a month, I feel like I can make a better assessment of it. That being said, I'm still perplexed when it comes to comparing it with [+ +]. In my opinion, no songs on [x x] is as good as 'Hi High', 'Heat' or 'favOriTe' (yes, sue me), but then I feel like all the songs, and I mean, ALL, from [x x] are better than 'Stylish' and 'Perfect Love'. I guess it's a situation of "less highs, but better content throughout"?

    The girls are experiencing a certain rise in sales. I don't know where from, as weekend sales are always pitiful. I guess the copies bought by International fans are still being shipped out afterall, even to this day.

    Well, I won't complain. It will probably be back to the usual 50-ish copies tomorrow, but still what a pleasant surprise.
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  7. He


    I actually like xx better now.

    I would add Heat to it and it’d be perfection.

    Hi High and favorite were a great debut, but I prefer them slick and darker.

    Also, I’m truly proud of the monster performances they have done. Their choreographer and the girls themselves have really shined. I hope they keep this style.
  8. [X X] is definitely better than [+ +], Hi High and Stylish are really the only songs I use from the latter, while the former is great from front to back.
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  9. Perfect Love and Heat, while great songs are pretty generic in sound and coulda been done by most groups. Which is not a bad thing but I just love that [X X] is really honing in and establishing the LOONA sound. The production is just sooo clean. The crisp and sparkly synths, the r&b influences throughout, the fun and risky moments (Lip's moment in Satellite, that breakdown in Colors...).
    It sounds like the perfect blend of the units that came before, just more grown.
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  10. He


    Do we think the they fired the intern? Maybe hunty was asking for too much money, kii.
  11. I wanted to support the girls and buy their album but... 30€?! I'll keep on streaming.
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  12. I think I prefer [X X]'s songs, but I wish the production borrowed the bass from [+ +], some of the songs are slightly quieter on the former. Both records are phenomenal though tbf.
  13. He


    Order online, unnie. Way cheaper.
  14. Yes, I was looking online because I doubt music shops know who Loona is in my city. The prices for their CDs are crazy on italian websites though, 30€ for the normal version and 60€ for the deluxe (+ shipping).
  15. He


    Oh I mean from Korea.

    Check Yesasia. Though they don't seem as affordable as I remembered.
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  16. Talking about YesAsia and Deluxe versions, finally just received Limited A and B. The photos inside are so gorgeous. They really chose the worst for each of the girls' reveal dddd.

    Also the Winx Winx cover looks better in real life, so I guess there's that...

    I wonder as well. It's been too long since the last time we had a translation for it to be a "vacation" of sorts. Whoever translated everything probably left, yeah.
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  17. He


    They should hire someone else, I've kind of totally lost interest in LOONA TV because of that. A shame, really.

    Also, lets give more views to this excellent choreo. Choerry in the center is everything. Yas to the croptop Haseul and Yves. Chuuves dance. Lip-Haseul middle 8 moment.
  18. omg i didn't realise they stopped translating LOOΠΔ TV..... um... what's going on.... I thought the Butterfly era was about inclusion............ I need to know what these girls are saying, don't shut me out BBC!!
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  19. That transition from Jinsoul to Yeojin legit had me gasped for breath. Ugh the song is my favorite from the mini too.
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  20. Olivia got the payola and joined BBC for ONE day before debuting while all these other blurred out girls have been waiting to join the group ddd.
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