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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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    I swear, Jaden must have based this whole project around all these special moon occurrences that I never knew existed before. LOONA.....teaching us all about astronomy. When will anybody else?
  2. He


    The comments say it’s fake.

    Ddd, why do people make this stuff up?
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  3. Yeah there's no Purple Moon www. For future reference if anyone's interested, here are some names for the full moon of each month that come from folklore/agriculture (with both First Nations/Native American and European roots) and their dates in South Korea this year.
    January (21st): Wolf Moon (also used for December), Ice Moon, Old Moon, Spirit Moon
    February (20th): Snow Moon (also used for January), Hunger Moon, Storm Moon
    March (21st): Crow Moon, Sap Moon, Sugar Moon
    April (19th): Pink Moon, Egg Moon, Fish Moon, Hare Moon
    May (19th): Flower Moon, Planting Moon, Milk Moon
    June (17th): Strawberry Moon, Mead Moon, Rose Moon
    July (17th): Deer Moon, Hay Moon, Thunder Moon
    August (15th): Fruit Moon, Grain Moon, Green Corn Moon
    September (14th): Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Harvest Moon (also used for October)
    October (14th): Hunter's Moon, Blood Moon (not the same as the "blood moons" caused by eclipses)
    November (12th): Frost Moon, Oak Moon, Mourning Moon
    December (12th): Cold Moon, Long Night Moon

    Other names:
    Blue Moon: the second full moon in a month
    Blood Moon: a moon in total eclipse colored red by refracted sunlight
    Black Moon: refers to having no full moon in February
    And as a point of interest, in South Korea the July 17th full moon will be in partial eclipse.

    Is any of this all that likely to actually be relevant to LOONA or their releases?
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  4. You forgot the Puzzle Moon.

    (otherwise known as the Make It Moon.)
    (such a good little song. off-topic song. but a good little song.)
  5. He


    This is what the dance line were up to?
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  6. For those interested in seeing our beautiful swan in her first show, Team Subbits have put up subbed videos of the first two episodes on Dailymotion. It's such an adorable and wholesome show. All of the idols shine, but I can totally see why Yves is getting all of the (much deserved) attention.

    Now I'm off to re-watch and remind myself that I'm an actual human being who can feel emotions.
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  7. Merry Christmas

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  8. Those little bat doodles ... cute!

    Also cute? That grannies show! I was 'awww'-ing the whole time.
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  9. [​IMG]
    *Presented without comment
  10. It's truly beyond me how Hyunjin hasn't blown up yet. I mean the girl just screams CF endorsements and her personality definitely warrants some variety show appearances too. I mean, girls from even nugu-er groups have managed to grab the public's attention. Lee Naeun from April comes to mind.
    Just look at her?!
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  11. He


    Maybe if someone had watched MixNine...

    But yeah, I hope more girls get a chance to be recognised outside of the group.
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  12. It might be tough being in a group with 11 other complete bias wreckers.
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  13. I think the issue is also that, usually, especially from groups as big as theirs, only two or three members end up truly standing out to the public and grabbing their attention. Heejin is clearly one of them, and have been getting the CF endorsements you speak of. And the other one is Chuu who's sort of getting 'relevant' by the addition of very small minor scale "viral" moments.

    I do think Hyunjin was one of the girls who shined the most during their stunt on Idol Room because she has the perfect personality and abilities for variety shows like this.
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  14. Ok while the covers are great, what’s the T on any new releases?
  15. Seems like a weird song to do an actual dance cover to as it's relatively unknown. I mean, if they were dancers, sure, for the love and dancing and all that, but otherwise their covers have been pretty well known songs from pretty well known Korean boygroups because, well, they can use the promo. They're not gonna get that from this one.

    So yeah, I'm leaning towards the idea that BBC have bought the rights to the song and they will kpop-it-up ala Genie, Hot Summer, etc. Or, and it's possible too, they've just been rehearsing to the song/routine to practice dancing and get better.

    It sounds like a bop, though, so a bitch wouldn't be mad...
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  16. /sees the words Scorpio and LOONA in the same vicinity, immediately interested

    That being said I agree that it's probably a reworked (and retitled) track that they're practicing for their next release.
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  17. That Scorpio track is cute but im wondering how they gonna split this up between 12 girls..... OEC could thrive on it though.
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  18. Happy birthday to the only blonde girl in the world, JinSoul.

    Stream Singing in the Rain today. ♡
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  19. Absolutely. In fact they all did relatively well for people without any acting background (well not OEC lol). You know who was a revelation though? Haseul! She's honestly a really good actress imho. I can totally see her being a Kim Go Eun type of actress. I hope that acting will be something that both Hyunjin and Haseul will delve into more professionally. In the future.
  20. As a Chuu stan and a ballad bitch, I am so ready for this. I'll take a duet with Gyuri, but hopefully she gets a solo of her own.

    EDIT: Also, I don't know how many Orbitches here watch her webdrama, but today's episode was great.
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