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Who is your LOONA bias?

Poll closed May 30, 2018.
  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. He


    Ddd, Go Won's murderous glance!
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  2. How come Kim Lip gets so little time as a center when she's a main dancer?
  3. Holy fuck this is phenomenal! Olivia Slae killing it as always. I really hope B#RN has choreo that is just as powerful. They clearly have so much more dancing talent and skill then we have been led to believe (based on pre-debut and OT12 comebacks so fa). Hopefully this kind of move makes Korea wake up stan.
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  4. He


    Maybe she didn't suit the style as much? This seems more Heejin / Olivia's style. Lip is better at clean moves.

    She still brought it though, and they were all incredible! That split move, phew.
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  5. They slayed that choreo.
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  6. When Yves hit that camera... i felt that.
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  7. They’re crazy good. But Heejin, Choerry, Olivia and Yves have such a presence, it’s ridiculous. The first three have that sort of cool, suave, one-of-the-boys vibe. While Yves is just the HBIC. Woowa.
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  8. Their positions are confusing anyway and will remain that way for as long as they keep pushing for the "there are no official positions in the group!" thing.

    It's obvious though that the dancing line is Yves, Heejin, Kim Lip, Choerry and Olivia. Don't really believe Go Won and Hyunjin are really up there with these five.

    But anyway, back to the video. That was just phenomenal. They're really fucking great. I wish Haseul was there, even if she's not part of the dancing line.
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  9. Yeah these 5 really stand out when it comes to dancing. If it is more break dance-ish and loose (i suppose) Olivia and Heejin is more prominent, if it is more pinpoint choreography then it is Yves and Lip's time to shine. Choerry is the perfect jack of all trades.
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  10. Choerry really is THAT girl, huh?
    Dance line, vocal line, rap line.
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  11. He


    Really the most complete member. She can serve in every single front.
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  12. He


    Can’t get over how great the dance cover is.
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  13. Well, I asked and then I received, it's really that easy, huh?

    Anyway, like you all said, they killed it. Drag King concept next comeback pls, wow.
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  14. Still not over this.
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  15. I just found out about the Kim Lip Gong Cha (bubble tea) Challenge which is Orbits drinking her favourite order

    - Chocolate milk tea
    - 100% sweetness
    - 25% ice
    - 3x pearls

    Kim Lip sis...the diabetes
  16. I've been seeing a lot of "Which solo would you like X member to cover on the next concert?' discussions on Twitter, and it made me curious to see what even were my own choices.

    Heejin – Egoist
    → She can sing as low as Olivia did on the first verse, and still carry herself on the rest like on the original. Could even do the rap herself. I'm sure she can sell the performance aspect just right.

    Hyunjin – Love Cherry Motion
    → I never really thought about it until now, but it's been pushed by fans quite a lot, and I think I can kind of see it?

    Haseul – Eclipse
    → Now I know this might not be a popular pairing because Haseul and Kim Lip aren't really considered similar as "performers", but they actually have very very similar voices and approach to singing, and Haseul already sang a bit of Eclipse once and it sounded lush.

    Yeojin – Heart Attack (with backing vocals)
    → Seems like a given. It was either that or 'One & Only' in my opinion dddd. I think she would fit the second verse of 'Heart Attack' pretty well. Not sure how she would do on the pre-choruses which need a good mix register, but it can always have tons of backing vocals if needed. She definitely has the personality to sell the song.

    Vivi – Around You
    → I mean, there aren't many other songs she could sing and do justice to. Hyunjin is already pretty airy and unsupported throughout the original, so I think Vivi could do decently on this as well.

    Kim Lip – Everyday I Love You
    → Don't look at me, although she's the 6th member, she was the last one I did on this list, and it was the only song left. I'm not really dying to see her perform this, but she's Kim Lip, she can do about anything if she wants to.

    Jinsoul – Vivid
    → I actually think her tone will fit this so much. I know she has it in her to bring that sort of slightly jazzy bright timbre Heejin has on this song. Seems like an obvious pairing to me? Like I can literally hear her in my mind dddd.

    Choerry – One & Only
    → Choerry can do cutesy AND rapping, so it feels like an adequate pairing.

    Yves – Singing in the Rain
    → I'm not 100% sold on the rap (could Yves do it?), but I'm sure she can handle the rest. (I'm open to Heejin and Yves switching the songs I gave them kii.)

    Chuu – Let Me In
    → A bit of a predictable pair-up ("Oh, let's give the best vocalist of the group that one ballad with a good climax where she can belt it out!"), but I'd rather she sings this than 'Kiss Later' ddddd, that's all

    Go Won – Kiss Later
    → Cutesy, right up her alley. I also think the crunch™ could bring something new to the original.

    Olivia Hye - New
    → I think her voice would sound really good on the verses. And she could certainly sell the rest of the performance as well because she's a good dancer.

    But I would be interested into reading what you guys would like to see as well and why? They've already switched up units singles, so I'm sure solos will happen one day too.
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  17. He


    Glad they're not taking up resources from bbc and LOONA anymore. Good luck, males.
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  18. He


    I don't get it, what is this about?
  19. I think there was this episode on weekly idol where nugu und mid-tier groups sent their foreign members only. Shuhua, Yuqi and Minnie were there, some Cherry Bullet girls and some boys.
    Now in all honesty I wouldn’t have sent Vivi on her own either. She seems super introverted and I guess it goes a bit beyond the language barrier. I somehow feel she would‘ve felt super uncomfortable without at least the 1/3 girls.


    Have you guys read the video description on OnlyOneOf‘s savanna MV on their official channel?
    Idarui Sonyeo sunbaenim‘s impact. It‘s quite a kii because they literally shade boy groups. Their approach seems to be similar to Loona‘s though. The slow-but-steady approach that is. That’s also why they haven’t released their full EP yet, until they get 5,555 tweets with #OnlyOneOf. lol


    OnlyOneOf aims to have understandable music and two titled songs while 21st boy group’s music is nowhere understanding to the public, filled with their own anger. The song ‘savanna’ is actually for fandoms and filled with OnlyOneOf’s attraction more manly than the boy’s beauty. “savanna” is mainly urban dance beat, unlikely be heard at K-POP, a tune that is like decadence raising its aesthetic criterion, approaching it more like Charles Pierre Baudelaire or Arthur Rimbaud’s point of views. Too many of groups of boy bands have shown fresh, and flattering concepts on their debut. OnlyOneOf’s first love is different because it is rather burnt with thirstiness, and be out of breath. Popular-oriented pop-styled titled song ‘time leap’ has addictive melodies that once heard, you can memorize them right away, and declares the OnlyOneOf’s directing point. They are declaring that they will become a team that is understandable not only to them, but will be based on their musical strength. They will do anything if they go back time. They sing it rather frankly, like the feelings of regret between the first love, and the first farewell. Especially for OnlyOneOf, will not reveal their whole songs that are listed on their first mini album, but will reveal slowly to their fans. Once they reach 5,555 hash tags of “#OnlyOneOf’ on Twitter, they will reveal their list of songs. Whenever that will be, it will be completed slowly and steady with their fans like stepping on the stairs. Starting their first songs on the album ‘OnlyOneOf yOu’ is like their promises. They indeed proclaim that OnlyOneOf will be your only one existed. Their 4th track is ‘blOssOm’ and it is rather excited party tune that captures our ears. It is in fact, too exciting songs that almost became their title song. Their 5th track is ‘picassO’ and it shows OnlyOneOf’s sexiness that the sound melting it in people’s ears. Last but not least, their last track ‘fragile’ is actually their own created song, and like mentioned before, it started off as a small dot, but connecting the dots and make OnlyOneOf’s own strong way. It gives us an only hint for their completion. Surviving in the boy’s group competition is like the lyrics in the song ‘Savanna’ ‘like a jungle, 약육강식(the law of the jungle). OnlyOneOf’s journey starts like a dust that cannot be seen to the public, but will not delay no further, going straight like decadence’s attraction
  20. He


    Ddd, the bbc intern, ha legacy.
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