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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

Poll closed May 30, 2018.
  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. Not me watching 15 minutes of HeeChuu just being loud and eating deserts, with no subtitles...

    Gotta love LOONA's It-Girls.
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  2. This thread needs drama. So lemme stir some shit up ddddd.

    Which is better: Hi High or Butterfly? Defend your answer juseyo. ♡
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  3. Colors ♡
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  4. Hi High is cute next to Butterfly's gorgeous, there's really no comparison.

    To put it in more words, Hi High is an above-average, high-energy, fresh-faced song with a fun video and dance; perfectly acceptable fare for a debuting group.

    , meanwhile, is a stunning, ethereal and mature, yet still youthful piece of art with a suitably beautiful and artistic video and exquisite choreography. An absolutely masterful sophomore release.

    Long story short, Butterfly is better.

    www tbh Butterfly took even longer to grow on me than Hi High did and I still find the high notes in it a little questionable but I felt like being dramatic. I do genuinely think it's the better song tho.
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  5. dddd I genuinely don't know. They're so different and bring something different out of LOONA, as well.

    I actually really really love 'Hi High'. I was kind of gutted to see it "flop" on the 2018 rate. To me, it just felt like an instant and actual 'classic', you know? Like, yes, they will eventually release better songs, and have songs that inevitably do better on the charts (ddd not like it's hard kfdldkldf), but (I felt like) everyone will remember 'Hi High'. There's something very memorable about it, that made it feel like a grand debut in a way some GG debuts don't. To me, it's all about the song here. It's just great and iconic, it really is.

    With 'Butterfly', I think it's a little bit different, it's much less about the song, and more so about the package, the "everything". The video, the choreography, the atmosphere, the conviction in the girls at that time, hell even just the superficial looks of the girls (Choerry's iconic purple hair, her and Chuu getting rid of those awful pigtails from 'Hi High', Haseul's iconic bob, the outfits, etc). The song is great, don't get me wrong, but the drop (while justified by the dancing) is a tad generic. The vocal production is questionnable at times too. I mean, to me it's still a 10/10 song, but I can spot "flaws" easier here than I could with 'Hi High'.

    I can understand how "the whole package" of 'Butterfly' can make it seem more iconic and memorable than 'Hi High', and it makes sense to judge things like these that way, but I do wonder had the song been given to someone else and they didn't have that choreography and video, would it really be all that iconic anymore, based on the song alone?
    Whereas I feel like, if, I don't know, fromis_9 did 'Hi High' (and as long as either of Hayoung or Jiwon did Chuu's high note justice), then I would like it just as much.

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  6. I re-listened to Butterfly and actually loved it even though I was kind of meh on it before. Hi High is still such an adrenaline rush and never fails to put me in a good mood.
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  7. LOONA's best title track so far ♡
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  8. If there was a rate based on just MV's, that or "Secret" (off-topic) would be my 11.
    (Should there be a rate like that?)
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  9. Hi High is still on my heavy rotation, Butterfly is not.
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  10. He


    It's funny, I rate Buttefly higher but I still play Hi High (or Love4eva for that matter) and get an incredible rush and live my GG fantasy. It's just such a sugary glittery package, and so well made. I prefer Butterfly because it signalled an amazing step forward, and the package (except that awful photoshoot) is brilliant, you felt how they matured already.

    Neither song is perfect, but they are both great releases. So I guess I'm a blind stan and I love both for different reasons, but Hi High is still my alarm (I can't help but get out of bed and lipsynch for ma life).
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  11. Hi High is cute and i love that it is a rush of adrenaline but Butterfly feels more like an experience that does not happen very often. Everything is so right about it and every member gets their time to shine and be in spotlight.

    Colors is still better than both of them.
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  12. Hi High... because for me, it's the anime opening to everything that is Loona? The music video goes a long way in describing that feeling too I guess, it's just so positive, there are no wasted or weird moments and every part just builds to the next one. It's very satisfying. And the girls sound like they're having fun (Especially during Choerry's 'nahhhhhhh' part lol)

    Butterfly is great but hasn't gained that much replay value to me, its more of a group effort than Hi High and maybe that's why I'm not as excited by it. Like others have said, Butterfly is a great step forward, but Hi High really reminds me why I enjoy the group conceptually. And the last 30 seconds are such a rush.

    Butterfly is more satisfying on stage though, of course.
  13. Yeah please, One&Only deserves to win. (Plus Loona as a project really put so much effort into the MVs, lets give them their flowers!)
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  14. I can confidently say that Hi High is my favorite K-pop song of all time, not even kidding or trolling or memeing.
    It might even be my favorite song in general. The song has such an anthemic vibe and is such a serotonin inducing track that it truly feels like a drug.
    Sometimes when I‘m having a break on my own at school or work I try to at least squeeze in the last part of the song, namely from Chuu‘s iconic high note till the end.
    The dalkhomae something something in Korean part by YeoWon...? Wheew the sweetness that that has! Yves‘ eojireoweojyeo...? The yearning and almost desperation in her voice... wheew. The very loud and almost shouty I GIBUNI NEOMU JOA, Haseul‘s iconic 0.6 seconds of eOtTeOkHae. And then my favOriTe moment in probably pop music history. The HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH HIGH loop. I always get chills when that part comes on and sometimes I even get teary-eyed.
    People have already correctly pointed out that the song combines the sonics of all three sub units but the most prominent aspect (imho) is 1/3‘s whimsicalness. No matter how upbeat and high energy the song is, there is this underlying melancholy and yearning for love which gets me on a level no other song does. The song truly sounds like the musical depiction of one of the rawest human emotions; happiness because of love mixed with a bit of fear/anxiety. It just deeply touches me for some reason. To quote Ha Sooyoung, it makes me dizzy.
  15. This completely accurate testimony...

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  17. The fatherfucking foreigner one has always been my favorite.

    That and "KILL BBC! WHY? DESERVE!".

    But the Ariana one is pretty good too xoxo

    (dddd wait the yvesdropping one....what kind of dad jokes k;kdkd`dffgf)
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  18. This is the best post on this forum.
    Hi High is such a rush. My favourite Loona's song and K-Pop song in general.
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  19. He


    Why is Yeojin charting?
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