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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. I... am at peace. When is KCON LA? Cant spot a date.

    You absolutely right.
  2. August 15-18 according to the website.
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  3. SHE'S BACK!

    The machine is starting to run again. Fucking finally.

    Can we get the music back now ddddd
  4. Can someone please explain the Jaden situation? Does him leaving means DIGIPEDI no longer works with Loona on their future artwork/videos?
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  5. He


    I don’t think they are in the same company. Jaden is part of Blockberry and Digipedi is separate.

    Also, he’s a creative director/ producer, just because he’s working on another project, doesn’t mean he’s left work on LOONA.
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  6. The fact he unfollowed them on Instagram seems pretty... finalized though dddd.
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  7. He


    Maybe his work with them is done? He’s laid out the concept and where they should follow. At least I hope that’s the worst case scenario, and not some company messery.
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  8. His account seems to be deactivated entirely on Instagram, so he doesn't appear as a follower of his other project (OnlyOneOf) either.
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  9. Like, others have explained, DIGIPEDI is a totally different team.

    What we know is that a few days before lauching OnlyOneOf, he cleared the list of accounts he followed on Twitter (which obviously included LOONA), and then followed only OnlyOneOf related accounts I believe. He's gone private since then, so we can't check anymore, but I know that 2/3 of the accounts he currently follows are 2/3 of the official accounts for O³. I don't know which third account he follows (because private), but we know it ain't LOONA kii.

    I think people are making assumptions because even besides all of that, shouldn't the "other projects" he's supposedly working on... be part of the Blockberry Creative, or at the very least Polaris or another subsidiary? I'm genuinely asking as I'm not sure how that works. He's not the CEO of BBC or anything, but I did think he was an employee of sort? He must be under a contract, no? It seems weird that he can effectively work on multiple projects on multiple unassociated labels as he wishes, but then, what do I know (I mean that).

    It's a bit worrying if he did genuinely jumped ships just because he was the main guy behind LOONA's vision (and he kept going on about how he had "ideas" for 50 albums, etc, etc, like... sis!) - that being said, most of the lore had taken a huge stepback recently, and it was still fine.

    I wouldn't jump to conclusions just yet as just the other day (literally, like a week ago), MonoTree had a live Q&A and were calling Jaden Jeong the 13rd member of LOONA.
  10. X X, the intro to [X X], is now my favorite surviving LOONA track on Spotify.

    Just saying.

    And I'm not kidding. I start my drive to work with it.

    Let me flesh that out: I was driving around the Cape with my oldest nephew and I snuck in that track at the beginning of a playlist I made for our roadtrip that started with some Robyn and PC_Music, then some Korean English language stuff (OOHYO, I Need U, Yeseo, DEAN), then eventually KPop... and it started off with that BLAST of an opening from X X, and wide-eyed, he turned to me behind the wheel, "What was that?"

    And non-chalantly said, "Oh, that was LOONA."

    Without missing a beat, he chirped, "As in, 'stan loona'?"

    I nodded. It was a great roadtrip. He likes KPop now.
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  11. jj_


  12. He


    This is lovely, and a very smart way to ease in kpop.
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  13. LOONA's new profile!!!

    HyunJin as BBC's future CEO?

  14. I knew Vivi invented the English language!

    I'm ready for her to take over in all their American interviews (yes, they will happen, I have planted the seed)
  15. He


    Oh, I'm curious to see Vivi talk now.
  16. Yas can’t wait for them to do the US YouTube promo rounds. Buzzfeed, that React channel, Billboard etc.
  17. I'm watching their Anniversary Celebration V-LIVE right now. Nothing new, they're being the same crackheads they're usually are. I love them.

    They said they were "coming back soon", but they said it in the same minute as when they said they were "coming to KCon soon" (August 17-ish), so I think 'soon' is a little relative here, but who knows with these girls and BBC at this point.

    No one has a new hair color for now. I mean, some of them have gone darker or lighter from their previous shade, but nothing crazy different.

    They skipped OEC, though - so who knows... Maybe Jinsoul has gone black kii.
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  18. There are some things in the loonaverse that just shouldn't happen.
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  19. Well, I think she looks good with her natural hair color. She's been complaining a lot about the hair bleach, and her hair has clearly been falling out. Poor girl deserves a break. I say, make Hyunjin or Heejin go blonde for a change!


    In other news, both Haseul and Yves have said they've been taking lots of vocal lessons lately. I'll be expecting improvements in their technique!

    yyxy have (sort of) teased (???) 'Burn' by quickly singing "Burning Burning".
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  20. baby i'm fool [girl front.mp3 starts playing]
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