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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. LOONA TV is back after three months too. I suppose a comeback is within reach (teasers to start in 1-2 weeks maybe?)

    But yay at them finally waking up!
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  2. Something good that came out of all of this music licensing mess?

    I discovered the physical-album-only remix to 1/3's 'Love and Live' on youtube and I'm obsessed (and late).

  3. Unless I'm high, I think the footage is different/filmed differently for the MCOUNTDOWN version of their KCon Stage, so I'm posting it :

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  4. He


    Yes, there's definitely more wide shots and looks way cleaner.

    Not Today still sounds great with them.
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  5. I'm so behind on this. I should have used the down time to catch up dddd.
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  6. jj_


    I say first teaser for B#RN is coming on the last day of the month with the comeback happening around mid-November. I have planted that seed and I will see the harvest etc.
  7. My rational brain: yeah makes sense
    My Loona drought PTSD:

    Dddd I've internalized all the disbanding 'they're never gonna come back' jokes that thinking of a comeback feels like the most far fetched thing ever. Thanks Orbitches.
  8. I am DESPERATE to have them back, I can't believe we're finally getting close to it!
  9. He


    Are we? We're getting the Carol 3.0 in December with LOONA tv footage for the MV.
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  10. The mess of that poll being made and closed before all the members were even revealed, kii.
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    I need to watch ISAC I thought they weren’t going to get any screen time ddd
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  12. I'll take what I can get tbh.
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  13. He


    Go Won recreating her best moment in Yeolgi + Lip singing two words of Eclipse. Love.

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  14. NOT the "B#RN" teaser just using an old sample BBC probably bought for 2$..........

    Maybe it was really all just a terrible April Fools joke afterall! xoxo
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  15. Buckle up unnies, we're entering the budget phase 2.0! Finally Girl Front will get ha low budget sample pack successor.
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  16. Is LOONA considered nugu? What is nugu, exactly and can i be one?
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  17. [​IMG]

    Nugu groups are groups that aren't recognised by the general public. So anyone who isn't really considered to be making waves or isn't a household name.

    It's pretty much the word form of this


    Yes LOONA are nugu

  18. Aww, Olivia met her idol Adele sunbaenim.

    So cute. ​

  19. The yyxy girls are literal crackheads and I love them for that. ​
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