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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

Poll closed May 30, 2018.
  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. One&Only has grown to be my favorite Loona release. The production is so strange, out-there and weird. Go Won's vocals really accentuated the eerie and discomforting feeling of the process of accepting one's own strangeness and peculiarities. The rap portions are really the highlight of the entire work. She is calm, yet she delivered what she needs to put out.

    Clearly this is doing better than most Loona releases based on Hanteo and Gaon. Given the process of selecting the girls, she must have been clearly what they were looking for to fill in the last spots of the group. The only member I'm yet to warm up to so far is Yeojin.

    New will always have a special place in my heart. That song is amazing on so many levels.
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  2. Ugh this song is so charming and sweet.
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  3. I like this but like... the vocals low key are barely there.
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  4. And yet you're hyping Vivi.

  5. He


    What is this alternate reality where Kiss Later is a fave and One & Only is praised for vocals / rap???!!

    I get we're all different, and all mobius children. But unnies... what the fuck?
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  6. I think the obsession with vocals on this forum needs to... calm down.. not all of them need to be great singers, they have different positions in the group which they all excel at, no one bats an eye when a singer can't dance but when a rapper or dancer can't sing it's a huge deal.
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  7. He


    I was half joking.

    To be honest, I don't need good singers at all, but good delivery and vocal production are necessary.

    Vivi has little in the way of vocals, but the style and delivery are great for her track. Same with all LOONA releases so far (even Yeojin suits the childish style of her track), but Go Won (in my opinion of course) sounds quite poor, especially in those tuneless rap sections. And I do not think it's her fault as much as it is the style they made her go for / production, that just does not work in her favor. She sounds perfectly fine and quite nice in See Saw.

    Oh, by the way, I love One & Only, so I'm just being extra picky because I hold LOONA to a high standard production wise.
  8. ViVi sounds good on her track though. She has nice delivery.
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  9. So after yersterday's recommendations, I finally listened to all of the singles and this is my ranking:

    1. New
    2. Love Cherry Motion
    3. Heart Attack
    4. Eclipse
    5. One & Only
    6. ViviD
    7. Around You
    8. Singing in the Rain
    9. Everyday I Love You
    10. Let Me In
    11. Kiss Later

    Quality-wise I think OEC are a head and shoulder above the other two units but as my ranking shows 3/3 releases are more interesting for me and I've listened to them a lot more than the other two.

    The next step is listening to all the b-sides ~
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  10. He


    Still happy you tanked Eclipse in the SOTY rate, precious?

    B-sides go for: Love Letter, See Saw, Girls Talk. Brilliant, all of them.
  11. The 'Heart Attack' key change still scalps me.
  12. I didn't tank it ddd (gave it a 6.5)

    I already love Love Letter from SOTY rate and quite like D-1 and Twilight, will listen to the rest tomorrow.
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  13. ViVi has a very pop voice. It is a good thing because you need that kind of tone in a group setting (i.e. Mollie and Frankie in The Saturdays).
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  14. DDD using Frankie.. who's practically tone-less is a bit of a stretch but lemme stan.

    Loona and Twice found shaking.
  15. Go Won is Stacey. Yeojin is Rochelle. Vivi is Daisy. Hyunjin is Frankie.
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  16. Who are those flops y'all are talking about xx
    I know they could NEVER sell 6 copies in one day like the good sis Go Won.
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  17. WOOMANA S3E2

    "Men say they want a girl who is caring. But when a girl is nice to him, he takes it for granted." - Kim Lip, 2018
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  18. So i finally got round to watching the first season of Woomana last night: maybe not the best V-Day watch considering the emotional direction of the storylines but I really enjoyed it! HaSeul definitely has my favourite character in the first 6 episodes (there was a hint of Reply 1997's Shi-won about her personality), even if I probably relate to Hyunjin's introspective outsider more.

    Looking forward to spinning Season 2 today (and the bonus scenes I guess?)
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  19. So caught up in your cheating world with diamond studded rings and pearls
    Now you can't deny it and I won't be your fool no more
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  20. February 29, 2018

    But... there ain't no February 29 this year.
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