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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. 365 is such a generic K-pop ballad but I keep going back to it..... still think Day&Night should've taken it's place on the album but anyway. Let Me In and Sonatine have such beautiful and interesting instrumentation, and not that I need something as orchestral but like, where's that energy at BBC???
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  2. I watched a fun video on a LOONA universe/lore explanation. I wonder what everyone here thought of it!
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  3. I find these weird because, most of the time, they extrapolate a lot out of very little, and the rest of the time, they contradict some of the stuff that has pretty much been established as "canon" dddd. Like, just to give an example of something that is wrong... Choerry can't be the one to seek Kim Lip and Jinsoul first, when Jinsoul is the one that went to Choerry's world to plant the cherry for Choerry to eat and get transported into this other dimension where she would meet Kim Lip (she's the one flashing a light in her face during the LCM MV, which means she was probably expecting her, or at the very least, is trying to lead her somewhere - not the other way around).

    And, as I said, lots of extrapolation for no reason. ( Because there's a plane, Haseul wanted to become a pilot? Come on now dddd.)

    I think one of my issues with the LOONAverse theories is that they always try to make sense of it as if the story had already been told completely and now you just need to put the pieces in the right order and there's nothing possibly missing in between them. Whatever Jaden had in mind (let's pretend he had everything planned out - which I doubt, but let's pretend he did), he did say one time that he had enough content for 43 albums or something. Clearly the story and 75% of the elements people need to understand it haven't been revealed at all (and probably never will ddd). That's why these videos have kind of lost their interest in my eyes.

    In my opinion, we're just meant to analyze little bits of it and try to find the symbolism behind them, not try to make a full story out of it.

    I like the "Did you catch these?" kind of videos where they show you a screenshot that was flashed quickly during the MV, or a close-up on something in the back of a particular shot, etc. And you can make up your own mind about the symbolism of it all. But the second they start treating their opinions as facts and big parts of whatever story they have in mind...is usually when I check out.
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  4. Fffffff @ 4:58
    I love Orbitches
  5. He


    They're so messy, I love it.

  6. jj_


    As much as I find the choreography for So What kinda cute, I'm getting tired of it pretty quickly. Whereas I never skipped a Butterfly performance... Aren't we ready for a Number 1 stage??
  7. They prefer performing '365' instead...imagine-how-tired-we-are.jpeg

    It's a shame because this is the first time in a while that they've released a mini album without a concert, so there's really no performances whatsoever of the b-sides.

    I know this is not that uncommon in the bigger picture of K-Pop in general, but it's been nice to see the choreography and live vocals of their other songs before. And well, the few music shows where they can perform a b-side would be the perfect opportunity for that, but anyway...
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  8. These are hilarious. ​
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  9. He


    What does the SM "global project" mean, was Lee Soo Man just googling and he found LOONA?
  10. He


    So cute to see Chanmi being so nice and knowing about them.

    I love how unconvincing they are when explaining that gimmick of not having assigned positions.

    "Heejin became a rapper for this comeback", ddd.

  11. sksksksk
    Apparently Yves describes that recently read/hear some ugly comments about her looks and new hair smh.

    Also no offense but I always see Chuu as...kinda too idol-y (?), which is fine because it's their job as an idols to represent an image. But to be 100% hyperactive and cutesy on screen ? I'm tired just by seeing her sometimes dd.
    This little video makes me like her more now because I can finally see some...human emotions I guess ?
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  12. He


    Yves also seemed self-conscious about her looks in the Idol League video. It's so unfathomable anyone would call her ugly, the girl is 100% stunning and suits her new look so well. Hope she doesn't let it get to her.

    They seem very tired already, and I guess comments such as those can hurt even more when you are on such inhumane schedules.

    Re: Chuu. She seems quite hyper and cute, but she often has fun put-downs for the others, so I don't find her one-dimensional. It's also a nice balance for the more quiet / less expressive ones like Hyunjin, Olivia and Vivi.
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  13. He


    I also love Go Won being low key a comedic queen.
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  14. Yeah I don't meant to attack Chuu, maybe because I am on the introvert side and IRL I have to deal with a hyperactive person in office that reminds me of Chuu so I have a little annoyances.

    Go Won is my favorite member along with Haseul and Olivia. Go Won and Olivia are kinda awkward but the awkwardness makes them so endearing and funny. Haseul on the other hand, has this motherly feels that I always likes in person. Maybe I just can relate more with the awkward ones dd.
  15. He


    Go Won is awkward but she kind of owns it? She seems to be in on the joke.

    She makes a good pairing with Olivia, who seems embarrassed most of the time.
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  16. Gowon isn't awkward at all though? Sure, she's introverted but she exudes cheeky street smartness. Hyunjin does too to some extent, despite being a quieter type (in fact I guess she's one, if not the most confident member).
    And I 100% agree about Yves. She does seem to have low self-confidence while simultaneously being a perfectionist (not a good combo!). I remember she once said something along the lines of admiring Hyunjin for her confidence. Olivia strikes me as a bit self.conscious as well.

    Is anyone of you familiar with MBTI types? I assume Chuu and Choerry are ENFPs (perfect for Idols, a nightmare for me irl lol). Yves, INFJ? Certainly much more emotional than she alludes to. Jinsoul ISFP for sure. She seems to be the chillest and most laid-back of the bunch. Kim Lip is ESTJ for sure. Extremely disciplined, straight-forward, no-nonsense... basically the father of the group. Haseul ENFJ? Can't think of the rest right now.
  17. Haven't watched enough Loona TV videos to definitely tell, but from what I could recall, Olivia is the member I relate to the most. Perhaps it's the off the cuff jokes, the deadpan delivery in them, the "don't bother me or I'll drag you" looks, as well as the awkwardness in display. I feel seen all of a sudden.
  18. He


    Maybe awkward isn't the word to describe Go Won. I meant to say I love her "ditzy but cheeky" persona. I also like that she's a bit unpredictable, she seems shy and all of the sudden will make a hilarious remark, move in a funny way or act out.

    Olivia is great in LOONAtv, but she seems a bit less into it this comeback. I also notice Hyunjin seems excited when girl group songs come on: have your girls cover girl group dances, sis! Her dancing Like a Cat with Chanmi was so cute!
  19. Finally some fucking food in this thread dddd

    I do think Go Won is super awkward? In a good way, though. She's definitely cheeky. And she's a huge savage too, she's constantly making fun of the other girls (in a teasing kind of way). She's hilarious, honestly. Also, yes, definitely more introverted than some of the other girls.

    It's just going to create even more tension amongst the fanbase dddd. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt for now considering we're still a little bit early in their (OT12) career, and I guess things could change in the next comebacks, but by now the lines distributions have been following such an obvious pattern. You can tell what their positions are, each and every single one of them, it's that obvious ddd. BBC should just be honest about it?
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  20. You better like my post then as I was the one that start it


    Yves is kinda similiar to Taemin / Jonghyun (RIP) case I think. Very confident on stage, but more shy (and sadly sometimes tend to self-blame themselves) off-stage. Jinsoul is kinda like Yves too, isn't it ? I remember during their pre-debut / Hi High era, she says that she is not as beautiful as the other girls (which is a LIE).

    I agree with Go Won that she is pretty comfortable with other members and love to joking around. But in terms of variety show funny, almost none of them are capable dd. Maybe Hyunjin ?
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