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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. He


    Poor Hyunjin.
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  3. He


    Hmm, what do we think they could've done differently this comeback? It's a bit disheartening to see Butterfly having 17 million streams on Spotify to So What's 4.5 million. I'm sure it'll grow with time, but I doubt it'll catch up.

    Seems they've lost some steam with the big hiatus.
  4. It was barely at 12M plays in early October 2019, so it pretty much gained 5M plays in the last 4-5 months, despite being already "pretty old" at the time. I wouldn't necessary worry about 'So What' catching up just yet when it isn't a month old technically. I think it's best to wait a few months to see how it holds up.

    I think they'll achieved each of their previous feats (some already are, such as sales for example). The issue is that the growth really isn't as big as fans probably wished for. Like, they're doing better, but only marginally, you know?
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  5. He


    I wouldn’t pretend to know much about what’s best, but maybe after a repackage, an international tour would be a decent idea? Money / exposure wise.
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  6. Maybe they'll take it as a sign as not to copy Itzy for their next comeback.
  7. I feel like that's the goal when it comes to the tour. There's been hints about that here and there. Nothing concrete per say, and it could be the usual fan-baiting from the girls, but we'll see.

    A Japanese debut is in the works as well (a website has been opened by BBC. with the Japanese logo). Who knows if it will happen, though. It isn't the first time we hear about plans not working out. They're performing at KCON Japan in April, but I'm not sure they will be debuting then. Well, we'll see I guess. ( Plus, I don't know if these are even still happening with the current state of Coronavirus in Korea and Japan. )

    Personally I would love a repackage, but I also kind of wouldn't mind an actual album title this time dddd, and I know we're not getting that with a repackage of an album called "[#]" kii.
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  8. He


    I see why they went with the popular flavor of the day. Butterfly perhaps felt a bit risky, in hindsight. But the results have been similar, exposure wise.

    I’m interested in seeing where they go next.

    I think the Japan debut was a given under Jaden but i guess things have changed? I’ve also read that maybe the bonus track was a Japanese track, but who knows.
  9. I think that comes from the girls saying they basically recorded this less than two weeks before the album came out and from some Orbits saying 'Day & Night' sounds like a Japanese song (...which it absolutely doesn't to me ddddd. It's like your typical K-Pop take on R&B-pop, but anyway).

    There's this old interview from last year where Jaden discusses OnlyOneOf and talks about how he quit BBC due to creative differences, but that there were chances that he would come back for their Japanese debut.

    Take this with a grain of salt. The amount of times, when it comes to LOONA, that something was said by an official source (either Jaden, BBC's staff or the girls), and then it literally never happened at all... is countless.
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  10. So I know some comebacks are delayed because of coronavirus...
    Are there any rookies that could capitalize from a (slightly) less competitive release landscape???
    I’m thinking Alexa could benefit if her new release isn’t getting delayed...
  11. Hinapia?? They're having a cb this month
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  12. Only Loona could make me angry for shelving a Ballad EP.
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  13. That makes me very happy...
    Also I have no idea why my stupid ass posted this in the Loona thread and not in General...
  14. Perched for Drop.

    im still waiting for Loona to cover youniverse
  15. jj_


    Have we given up on loonatheballad? Apparently during a recent fan sign someone asked Chuu whether the ballad album is shelved for good and she smiled and said ‘soon’.
    While this doesn’t mean much as many other things have been said at fan signs that did not turn out to be true, I can’t really see any reason why it wouldn’t be released at some point.
    If they had known it would have been scrapped, as I believe Jaden was already out of the picture by that point, why would they preview the songs with the teaser? Jaden might have been involved with the writing but I’m sure its BBC who owns the masters; promotion wouldn’t be necessary, not even visuals: the EP could be just released for streaming as a gift to fans and maybe limited physical copies. Plus it would give fans a bit of subunit throwback since its not sure those will ever come back. What do y’all think?
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  16. He


    It's just not a good business model to just release stuff like that. They would have to pay everyone involved in making the tracks. And without promo, I doubt releasing physicals would even amount to much.
  17. I'm sorry but this is KILLING ME.

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  18. Because they supposedly don't have these songs anymore. I feel like if they release a ballad album, it will simply be...an album made of new ballads.

    Which I'm not necessarily against, but I don't think it would be the right move at the moment. Literally 85% of the hype for the ballad album is down to some Orbitches hyping the shit out of 'Hyper Ballad' (which kind of killed it for me, it really doesn't sound all that groundbreaking, I don't understand the theatrics ddd). Hell, most fans couldn't remember for the most part the title of the other two ballads included, so I'm wondering if it would genuinely be a smart move for the group, commercially when it seems like even a big portion of the fanbase only cared about one of the tracks.

    Add to that the fact that most fans hate '365' and 'Where You At' (although it's far more midtempo and 'hook-driven' than most ballads), I just don't think it's the right move yet.

    ( Also, Jaden left BBC in August 2019 - I believe. The teaser for La Maison LOONA was released earlier than that. )
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  19. Obviously releasing loonatheballad as a proper comeback doesn’t make sense, especially at this point. But including it in on a disc in a Season’s Greeting box as a bonus would be nice.
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