Who is your LOONA bias?

  • Heejin

  • Hyunjin

  • Haseul

  • Yeojin

  • ViVi

  • Kim Lip

  • JinSoul

  • Choerry

  • Yves

  • Chuu

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It feels indescribably good to see a new OT12 selfie again.

Regardless how I’ll feel about the songs tomorrow, having them all together for a new promo cycle and their Japanese debut makes me happier than I thought it would ffff. The world is healing unnies.
Tbh & is my least favorite EP from them ddd

Be Honest and DOMO don't live up to my expectation, surprisingly the ballads are good this time
The middle 8 and prechorus really are outstanding. The chorus is so lazy though, and it needed to go harder after the high note.

The video is a bit of a missed opportunity. So many gorgeous sets like the OEC ones, Choerry’s specially, and the hallway (they’re all the same ddd), but they barely get 1 second at a time. That first group chorus with the red background is ugly.

Jinsoul really stands out vocally, as does Haseul, and Chuu’s kick.

As usual Heejin could have shared one or her verses.
I really don’t care for the hollow/ icy boy group vocal production at times for PTT.

I want to live in that prechorus though. Jinsoul said: I am a vocalist.
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