Who is your LOONA bias?

  • Heejin

  • Hyunjin

  • Haseul

  • Yeojin

  • ViVi

  • Kim Lip

  • JinSoul

  • Choerry

  • Yves

  • Chuu

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Might as well post it here.

I love it so much? That bridge is fantastic.​

This is their best title track and music video for me. Didn't like the drop at first and it reminded me a lot of another group, but it grew quickly on me (easier if you allow the bass to lead you into it). I love how relentless the song is. It's like a war chant. Fascinated by how I could never anticipate what the next part will be on my first play. Each section seemingly wildly different from the others and yet all building up towards the same climax. The song structure intrigued me.

The video was moment after moment after moment - KimLip and GoWon's cute shoulder move, JinSoul's prechorus, Olivia's moves in the post-chorus, pairing Yeojin's moment with the suddenly darker background (a wow moment for me), the camera zooming in to Olivia beating the drum with monk-like silhouettes in the foreground, Haseul's refreshing voice in the middle eight, ViVi's section (short but unforgettable), Chuu's kick, the moon ominously peeking through the opening in the ceiling. It was a spectacle, and paired with the music, it was an experience I thoroughly enjoyed.
I will say after paying for the online concert for 12:00 I cautiously bought a ticket for this one, however they absolutely elevated everything this time round. Actual staging and an impressively long set list with the whole thing lasting about 2.5 hours. All of the group releases were well represented and nothing felt lacking this time round. Disappointed but not surprised HaSeul didn’t participate in the OT11 tracks - makes sense she is focusing more on the OT12 tracks for now (I’d rather she wasn’t overwhelmed with anything so I imagine BBC wanted to give her some breaks and prioritise the other tracks).
Oh wow that is very long. Was is it half music half interviews or...
There were breaks in between batches of songs and behind the scenes to allow for costume changes.

  1. & Intro Clip
  2. # + So What
  3. Colors
  4. 열기 / Heat
  5. Butterfly
  6. Universe (face cam)
  7. Dance On My Own
  8. Satellite (acoustic ver.)
  9. Perfect Love (acoustic ver.)
  10. Fall Again (acoustic ver.)
  11. 12:00 remix + Why Not?
  12. Star
  13. 땡땡땡 / Ding Ding Dong (video call cam)
  14. U R
  15. A Different Night
  16. WOW
  17. PTT
  18. Hi High
  19. 365

Was somewhat plagued by typical issues with these online concerts. Some people experience audio lag (I just adjusted the delay on my soundbar) and some streaming quality issues towards the end - however My Music Taste has already adressed this and promised a re-play of the event will be arranged soon.
Probably an unpopular opinion but I think they could trim off 4 girls to maximize everyone else, what is the point of having girls (for example, Go Won and Vivi) do next to NOTHING on title track after title track. I just watched the Wow stage and Vivi only says Wow 4 times and thats it. Its like Shuhua from G(idle) only being allowed to sing gibberish.
I think Vivi and GoWon barely being in the video is just sad. I get members not having many lines, but they just do not seem interested in making them fit anywhere, specially GoWon.

Elsewhere I agree the group’s identity is a bit diluted with this comeback, as much as PTT bops. That English song is so bad, damn.

How are they doing with sales?
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