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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 4, 2017.


Who is your LOONA bias?

  1. Heejin

  2. Hyunjin

  3. Haseul

  4. Yeojin

  5. ViVi

  6. Kim Lip

  7. JinSoul

  8. Choerry

  9. Yves

  10. Chuu

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  1. Have they performed? Is their quarantine done?
  2. Their quarantine is done, most of the girls left last week, it was only Hyunjin's which ended a little later than the rest (Monday/Tuesday).

    I don't believe they have performed yet, as Mnet claimed they would allow LOONA to perform in front of their fans just like everybody else, which sort of implies they will put a notice up to invite fans to a set recording date. Since they haven't yet, I'm thinking it hasn't been recorded yet.

    The girls have hinted at PTT being the song they're performing for that round, by the way.

    They've also started preparations for Round 2, it seems.
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  3. upload_2022-3-23_1-26-21.png

    "Recruitment for LOOΠΔ's official fan club 'Orbit' for the 4th season begins on March 28th at 3pm (KST)"
    The Choerry purple is so pretty.

    So we're at Yves' color for the next thing ... probably this year's summer package, I guess?
  4. He


    Can LOONA copy Love Dive? Would love that sound for them.

    Imagine the dance line on it.
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  5. What are they up to? I news them in my life.
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  6. They're on Queendom 2 and just performed this great remix of PTT. Also more impressive given 1 day to rehearse and everyone still recovering post-COVID.
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  7. I consider this Lore for Yves' 'new' tbh
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  8. Bits of the original choreo before the entirety of LOONA was taken out by COVID. This would have been their 8-9 members performance after Haseul, Yeojin and Vivi started showing symptoms on Feb 26 or something.

    The stage for Round 1 was different (and had a lifted stage) so the composition would have been a little different. For example, Chuu was meant to be elevated during her highnote.
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  9. Yves taking over Lip as my bias after this and saying she wants to collaborate with Bong Joon-Ho. Queen shit.
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  10. Chuu will be the face of anything except a damn comeback, damn mama.
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  11. Well, that spot's reserved for Heejin.... and Yves.. Kim Lip.. Olivia Hye.... and sometimes Gowon in teasers but not the actual video.
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  12. Heejin making her way to center even in Queendom promos... God is a woman.
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  14. My fave covering a song by my other fave and singing it so beautifully and in such a cute little video ...

    Tysm for tagging me @Vixen
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  15. Ended Chocome all by herself.
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  16. Let me hear ya'll make some noise!!! I need this thread to be alive again ddd​

    So when are expecting the comeback? I was thinking June 27th (they usually release on Mondays for full-week-tracking on Gaon).
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  17. AAAAH im so starving for new content. And June is so close, we get to eat.

    I'd rather have a full album ofc but pleek let them have subunit songs at the back half. Kinda like what Dreamcatcher did with their last one.
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  18. I think I'd rather a mini-album first actually simply because I'm not sure I trust BBC to make a cohesive body of work at the moment. Pretty sure they still don't have an A&R, they've been incredibly busy dealing with Queendom for the past few weeks and as for the next release, they need to include the new title track, the Queendom comeback song, 'Playback' that was premiered at their concert earlier this year, etc. For all we know these three songs could all have very different and contrasting soundscapes. Not to forget whatever b-sides they have cooked up too.

    I think I'd rather they keep this one kinda short, and then they come back later this year (October? November?) with a full-album this time, one that would have been more carefully thought-out, that may or may not include sub-units songs, etc.
  19. If Ryan Jhun is about to work on their upcoming title track, which I really wouldn’t mind, I hope they tap more into the Hula Hoop and WOW side of the spectrum rather than PTT.

    If Queendom 2 made something clear, it’s that LOONA really shines most when they exude fun, youthfulness and quirk like they did in their Shake It performance.
    I know that ever since Jaden left, BBC tried to market LOONA as this dance-heavy almost boy group-like girl group, and for some time it was a lane that only they occupied. But right now I feel like what the industry lacks is a group that serves unpretentious FUN without compromising actual quality (re: Hula Hoop & Wow). And LOONA would be perfect to fill that void.

    Long story short: give me a chorus pleek.
  20. aux


    Yeah, this would be the ideal LOONA album for me.

    To be honest, I’ve always wanted LOONA to have NCT’s release schedule / style. I don’t mean their music sound, but rather, how they release music in different established units and different combinations of members that aren’t in units together. Imagine an album where we have OT12 songs, but the second half is a mix of solos, unit songs, duets, etc. It will never happen, but I love to dream, I am a dreamer.
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