Who is your LOONA bias?

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Unnie what makes you say that?
Well, when not all 11 members sued BBC after they kicked Chuu out, but instead just 9, it did sort of beg the question of "Do they even agree on doing this? Were some of the members pressured, caved in, but others didn't, and now we've got this mess? Was this planned all along between them? Why only 9 as opposed to 11? Hyunjin was the most vocal about her anger regarding Chuu's removal... Does ViVi just want to stay with BBC afterall or is this a work visa thing?" etc. I don't know, it just looked a bit messy, especially since, after a while, HyunVi didn't really give us any signs they would sue (mind you, it's been more than two months, I was losing hope ddd)

When the verdict for the first 9 members dropped in mid January, their representative did mention that it was a very lamentable situation for the girls because it was stated that LOONA purposefully did this "as a group" and the court had splitted them in two. But the whole HyunVi situation was still making this awkward because they're obviously part of the group, but weren't included in this - so it's more like the group was split in three (hell, four if you include Chuu ddd). So, yeah, I don't know. Just messy, maybe unintentionally, but yeah.

Now it seems more and more likely HyunVi were probably just waiting after "something" to apply for their own injunctions. It's hard to say what exactly, but the timing of HyunVi's injunction being exactly one day after Universal Music Japan has been stated to be in the legal process of acquiring LOONA's management rights is certainly curious.

Also the contract between LOONA and Fab (their private communication app) is expiring in mid-February (no surprise there considering the circumstances), but Hyunjin and Jinsoul have been telling fans not to delete the application in the upcoming days, and to just trust them. Which seems to hint that they might be back on it in the future, although it might take a while to get things cleared up.

We'll have to see how the situation evolves with Universal Music Japan, as well as what will happen with the CEMA/KEMA committees since BBC is trying to ban the girls' entertainment activities (presumably in an attempt to stop UMJ from managing them).

It's still a bit messy, but it's making me convinced the girls are trying to stay together, they're just facing a lot of obstacles. BBC needs to go down immediately, to be honest.

EDIT: damn why do I always write essays kfkfkgfj
my bad x
BBC needs to go down immediately, to be honest.


but make it BBC.
For anyome interested, LOONA’s personal instagram accounts:
We're basically just missing Heejin and Olivia Hye.
Heejin is open to creating one, she's just still thinking about the username, and honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Olivia Hye just doesn't care much about Insta ddd

Seems like there might have been a small window in time where the girls could have planned to make a move to BY4M to join Chuu, but BBC nipped it in the bug with a petition, and now BY4M are adviced against signing any other LOONA members.

I don't think it matters much in the big scheme of things since obviously people would rather have MODHAUS sign the members, but I wonder if Chuu maybe fucked herself over by signing too quickly with BY4M.
ARTMS should maybe have their own thread now?
Conflicted about that. For now it's branded as a project to basically reunite all of the members eventually, which would mean it would essentially be "LOONA" still. Jaden (and the members too) are also insisting 'ARTMS' isn't going to be the group's name (it's looking like they might actually release entirely under 'Odd Eye Circle') and if all the members join MODHAUS, there's definitely some grounds for them to fight for the LOONA name if they ever feel like going through that long process. So a new thread for what would just be LOONA 2.0 doesn't seem necessary to me?

Plus, it's not like LOONA (BBC) is doing anything right now that ARTMS would take the attention away from in this thread, so...yeah...

We'll see if things change and whatever ARTMS is ends up...just being these four members and nobody else.

Ya'll couldn't believe the high I get when members from the same group who are actually friends and have always said and acted so.... actually hang out together.


They said, Vixen, we won't let you go through another Jessica saga... That's my sisters.......
So apparently OEC and Heejin will release separately under MODHAUS. Orbits had been wondering whether or not Heejin would be added to the sub-unit, so at least now we know.
So apparently OEC and Heejin will release separately under MODHAUS. Orbits had been wondering whether or not Heejin would be added to the sub-unit, so at least now we know.
Wait what. Heejin will be a solo act?
I thought they were basically launching a new group with nods to the Loona project.