Who is your LOONA bias?

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  • Hyunjin

  • Haseul

  • Yeojin

  • ViVi

  • Kim Lip

  • JinSoul

  • Choerry

  • Yves

  • Chuu

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Yeah, Orbit fatigue is definitely a thing. I have been struggling to the point where I wasn't able to buy a copy of Chuu's album until yesterday. And I had to prioritise so I only got one version of OEC.
How do Heejin’s figures fare in general for newly debuted solo artists? Are her numbers fairly low in general or are they quite average for her case?
How do Heejin’s figures fare in general for newly debuted solo artists? Are her numbers fairly low in general or are they quite average for her case?
I'd say they're average for her case specifically.

I think it's easy to compare to the other recent LOONA projects or even other soloists like Jini or Soojin (both recent, that's why I'm bringing them up) and be a little bit underwhelmed, but we have to keep in mind that both these soloists come from bigger reputations (ie groups). NMIXX and (G)-IDLE are quite literally enjoying 700k first day sales whereas LOONA, even at their peak, was doing ~100k first week numbers. So, of course, naturally those group's 'offsprings' are gonna get bigger numbers, but ones still proportionate to what their respective group is doing. Because LOONA are much smaller to begin with, then so are Heejin's numbers, but the ratio is about the same.

On the other hand, to look at this positively, Heejin's sales aren't that far off from, let's say, Somi's numbers for 'Game Plan', or other soloists like Lee Chaeyeon. So I suppose it's all relative.

Anyway, in better news:
In Loona, Heejin was my least favourite member, because I thought it was unfair how she was given so many lines, even "easy" parts, that could have been done by any other member. Obviously, that was completely out of her control and her talent has always been undeniable, but still it left a bitter taste in my mouth. And yes, I am very petty.
However, as a solo artist, she is one of my favourite artists in K-Pop. The sheer star power, whew.

@6:23 this binch was NAWT playing !!!


Finally a real concert setlist dddd
(Ending the show on '365' and 'Where You At' is certainly a choice ddd, but I guess they wanted it to be sentimental)

Anyway, here's Mother Lip throwing ass to 'Water'

The woman that she is today.......​

In NYC they ended with Hi High and Sweet Crazy Love was the English version actually…
I was at the NYC show and when I say the room absolutely erupted when Kim Lip did Water...what a moment.

But truly overall the concert was so good and such a special experience (despite the venue being kinda shit...). Especially compared to the 2022 tour you can tell the girls were actually excited to be there and giving their all. And after everything thats gone down over the years hearing all these OEC songs I never expected to see live was transcendental. There were so many moments throughout but Girl Front live.... my god!!!
So what are everyone's thoughts on the Gravity poll songs?

If it wasn't already clear, the title track (think "Hi High") has already been chosen and is not featured within the songs here, we're basically voting for what we want as a pre-release track along with a MV (think "favOriTe"). However, the 2nd most voted song will also get the b-side treatment (no MV). The songs ranking at #3 and #4 will sadly be scrapped when it comes to ARTMS (there's always the possibility they will be repurposed elsewhere....in the company... let's say that).

My favorite of the snippets was probably Song A/'Distress'. Kinda giving me what I wanted 'Plastic Candy' to give ddd. That being said, it doesn't really strike me as a strong "pre-release song" if that makes sense, nor do I think it necessarily lends itself to an amazing MV concept right out of the gate. But it sounded the best, teebs.

I liked Song B/Non-Scale, it's definitely the most traditional K-Pop song here, very Lovelyz, very early WJSN, very early LOONA as well (1/3, yyxy, Hi High, etc) - but it's also the song where the little Modhaus production shenanigans annow me the most. The vocal production is a bit weak, and the production elements are messy and overbearing at times. But it's unclear if that could be fixed or not once it's actually released (the songs do sound fairly finished overall rather than sounding like vocal guides or demos).

I also liked Song C/Love Or Die, but I do think it sounds a bit faceless. But sound-wise, it's sort of what I expected ARTMS to play around with. Just hopefully with a bit more personality.

Conflicted about Song D/Birth. Basically I think it's the song the most suited for an MV (which is essentially the goal of this poll) - but I also think that purely in terms of song quality, it's the worst ddd. It's basically a early Purple Kiss reject when they were still heavily emulating Billie Eilish, paired up with some boygroup noise thrown in for good measure. Unless the chorus is a gag, I wouldn't be surprised if that was my least listened song off the album - but I also still think it would lend itself the best to a MV for what it's worth dddd