Just went to see it.

Liked it, although it was terribly predictable.

Joseph's face all Bruce Willis-style freaked me out though.

Still liked Brick better but I don't think the director will ever top that film.
I didn't think it was predictable? Maybe I was just invested from the get-go and didn't bother plotting it out in my head, which is actually a huge compliment. Great acting; it's always nice when you have an action film where the people bother to act and not just do line-readings between checking their emails on set. I thought Emily Blunt in particular did a whole lot with a character that would otherwise just be The Mom/Girl.

It's nice to see Bruce Willis in a quality film these days as well.
I loved seeing Bruce Willis in a quality film too BUT


Maybe I'm brainwashed by Lost but the whole things are leading up to exactly where they went in the future was very predictable.

It was pretty clear from the beginning that the child Bruce was looking for was Emily's one.
And the whole mom sacrifying herself for her child was also so easy to figure out why he became evil.
AND from there it wasn't difficult to figure out that things were leading up to it.


Good acting. Nice visuals. A good plot.
It felt oddly emotional.
But I didn't ever think they tried to hide the fact that it was Sara's child; obviously, by sending Joe there half way through the film you're telling the audience THIS is the kid. It's what sets up the nature vs. nurture argument of the film. As for your other two points, they happen within the last five minutes of the film, and seemed like a logical and tightly written conclusion to me.
That trout-faced kid was so annoying and part of me was like "blow him away, Bruce!"

It was good, 6 out of 10-job.

Too derivative of The Terminator and Donnie Darko to be the new classic it's being billed as.


Saw it today and liked it. I've just remembered to Google whether that kid's lines were dubbed and his mouth digitally animated. I hope so otherwise he's scary. Back in a minute.

Oh god he's real. Scared.
I thought the ending to this was suuuuch a cop out. Also the whole time line stuff didn't actually hold up when you worked it back. Still really good, but the concept was stronger than the plot.
Just saw this and really enjoyed it.

After the atrocity commited by Bruce's character in the first child's back-yard, it was quite obvious how his character would end up (they couldn't really allow him repentance after something so despicable). Aside from that, I didn't manage to predict much else.

Yes, the child is scary. And very well acted. The image of him sat in the field after his first big episode was particularly striking.

Edit: Also, it's a bit of a shame that JGL was so unattractive in this film. But then I should have known that Bruce Willis has that effect on people appearance just from looking at his daughter.
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I didn't know Joseph Gordon-Levitt had any prosthetic work and was wondering throughout the film why I suddenly found him quite attractive. Apparently I'm alone in this, but he can keep the Bruce Willis face for me. (I have no idea what about him is supposed to look like Bruce Willis.)


The nose, mainly.

Also the whole time line stuff didn't actually hold up when you worked it back.

I think that's why they put in the line from Bruce Willis when they were in the diner along the lines of "let's not sit here and work everything out". A message from the writer/director to just not bother trying to work it all out and just enjoy it.
I saw this on Saturday and really enjoyed it.

Strange that some thought it was predictable, because it was completely different to what I was expecting. I assumed Bruce and oe would team up to kill the bad guys, but it went nowhere near that.

Loved some of the imagery as well (when the kid makes the guy in his house explode).

Certainly not the classic it's being touted as, but certainly an interesting way to subvert your expectations of a well-trodden time-travel plotline.
I finally saw this tonight, and really enjoyed it.

Am I the only one that noticed that Bruce and Joe have completely different ear lobes, and so couldn't be the same person?
It was pretty good.

However it seemed to be a handful of concepts that they didn't seem to have a clue how to follow through on. The looper idea was a fab concept and up to the point where there was the shootout in the restaurant the film was great. Then the emphasis totally shifted to that kid who will grow up bad and that wasn't as good or as interesting. It was that well worn 'if you could travel back and kill Hitler as a child would you?' idea. And I get why they had the tk stuff but it seemed to be slightly insulting of the audiences intelligence... shoehorned in some way just to hammer home that the kid could potentially be an evil bad ass.

It just felt like they had this great idea but then got stuck how to finish it so shoved it in front of the second half of another movie and did their best to sew it together.