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Lorde - Melodrama

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bobbyrae, May 7, 2015.

  1. This was me too. I always enjoyed the song but seeing it live was just a completely different level. It's an experience I'll never forget.
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  2. Happy anniversary, Green Light!

    Yesterday I (re)discovered for the millionth time the amazingness of the Ribs / Buzzcut Season couplet. The fact that she wrote these absolutely incredible songs in her early teen years leaves me baffled every single time I think about it.

    I live in a hologram with you.

    We'll laugh until our ribs get tough.

    There'll never be enough of us.

    The lyricism is just so strong and the melodies nothing short of spectacular. A songwriter for the ages.
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  3. I thought it was “laugh until our ribs get sore”
  4. And the terror, and the horror
    When we wonder why we bother

    After months of peace the album fucks me up all over again.
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  5. It doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of concerts you have been to. I met quite a few people who have been in her Berlin show, some at 20 concerts each months, some at one a year, and not one of them isn’t naming that specific moment at the best thing he experiences live, and not one of them isn’t calling this whole concert an religious experience.

    Melodrama really was that moment very few people have. Too bad only a few witnessed it, but I feel the numbers aren’t matching the impact. I mean I guess it’s my gay bubble but... taste.
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  6. aux


    I agree wholeheartedly with this. I go to gigs at least twice a month, sometimes more. I literally get paid to watch concerts at work, and I have never witnessed anything like it. The energy in that room was just insane, hearing Ribs live obliterated me, and Green Light live just an out of body experience. I wouldn't change a single thing about that concert. She made my most hated concert venue, Alexandra Palace, be heaven for that one night.
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  7. Green Light live was honestly one of the best experiences of my existence. Truly a moment.
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  8. I listened to Melodrama for the first time in a while at the weekend.

    Still amazing.
  9. The outro to Supercut still moves me to tears every time I listen to it.
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  10. The highlight of my Melodrama tour show was @Sam de Jour refusing to move from his spot in the crowd to come and talk to @dodoriazarbon kii
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    Ahhhh yes. I remember it well.
  12. You bumped into him as we were all pushing out ddd

    Wait ñnn
  13. Kii yes, I spoke to you both. That was the night Sam told me he was surprised that I was actually nice in person ddd
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  14. Sam


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  15. hahaha nooooo
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  16. Cover of The Sound of Silence from the benefit concert in Christchurch

    Team with Big Runga

  17. Oh my god, Bic Runga! Sways my way, yeah I need to know all about you!
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  18. Isn't Supercut just one of the most perfect songs literally ever?

    In my head there's a six minute version which after that long slow-burn outro comes back with a final reprise of the chorus like boo bitch! living in a vault somewhere with Marina's seven minute edit of Froot and the uptempo White Diamond in studio form.

    (I feel particularly homosexual right now)
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    @Andy French work ur magic
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  20. Someone page DJ De.
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