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Lorde - Melodrama

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Bobbyrae, May 7, 2015.

  1. The highlight of my Melodrama tour show was @Sam de Jour refusing to move from his spot in the crowd to come and talk to @dodoriazarbon kii
  2. Sam


    Ahhhh yes. I remember it well.
  3. You bumped into him as we were all pushing out ddd

    Wait ñnn
  4. Kii yes, I spoke to you both. That was the night Sam told me he was surprised that I was actually nice in person ddd
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  5. Sam


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  6. hahaha nooooo
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  7. Cover of The Sound of Silence from the benefit concert in Christchurch

    Team with Big Runga

  8. Oh my god, Bic Runga! Sways my way, yeah I need to know all about you!
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  9. Isn't Supercut just one of the most perfect songs literally ever?

    In my head there's a six minute version which after that long slow-burn outro comes back with a final reprise of the chorus like boo bitch! living in a vault somewhere with Marina's seven minute edit of Froot and the uptempo White Diamond in studio form.

    (I feel particularly homosexual right now)
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  10. Sam


    @Andy French work ur magic
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  11. Someone page DJ De.
  12. Reading the meaning behind the lyrics of 400 Lux on Genius is such a kii honestly.

    Explicitly brave but inherently hollow, the only way in which anyone may describe 400 Lux from this moment on.

    That song is everything.
  13. ‘Dreams of clean teeth’ still kills me. Queen of oral hygiene!
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  14. So... best pop album of the decade?
  15. I’ve always wished that outro went on longer.
  16. So incredibly hard to choose between Melodrama, Born This Way, and Golden Hour.

    All absolute masterpieces.
  17. Melodrama, 1989 and Lemonade are my holy trinity of the 2010s.
  18. Sam


    Happy birthday to my favourite album of all time. 2 whole fucking years. I can’t believe it.


    It’s fucking insane that she feels like she’s grown up since then when you consider the emotional maturity on show throughout the record. Every single song, every lyric, still packs as equal a punch as it first did.

    I loved this album from the offset, but it wasn’t until I went through my first real breakup almost a year later that it really became just that album for me. The album. The one that will always hold a place in my heart. The album that reminded me wistfully of my late teenage years, and every crush and despairing emotion, but also the album that rang so, so true in my early 20s as I found my footing in the world as an adult. I just don’t think I can ever articulate how much this album means to me. Hopefully we’re not too far away from the next one.
  19. Wow, what a two years it's been. I remember my first time listening to the album all the way through and it just hurt. I was going through my first real breakup of my first serious relationship and the breakdown of my friendship with my best friend, and this album just felt like a punch in the stomach. I actually didn't listen to it often after that first time because it felt like being hit with reality, the forceful realization that things change despite our best efforts to freeze time and hold onto a feeling, or a moment. I remember being on a long flight and Supercut came on, and I just let it play as I looked out the window and it absolutely demolished me. "In my head I do everything right", indeed.

    Pure Heroine feels like a love letter to my friends and some of the best times of my life. The feeling that we'll never come down, it'll never change, and we'll be this happy forever. Melodrama feels like the bittersweet goodbye. The indefinite, the I don't know, the unhinged "I'm fine". I could write forever about what Melodrama means to me and how I genuinely don't know how I would've faced those times alone, and I'm thankful I didn't have to because I had this album. I don't think I'll ever be able to fully express my love for her as an artist, and what she's given me through her music.
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  20. 1989? I don't see it for her but okay.

    Throw ANTI onto our lists of best pop albums of the decade as well. A Classic.
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