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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Sam


    I guess it's time.

    Miss Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, or as she's more popularly known, Lorde; popular NZ chanteuse of famed songs "Biting Down" and "Yellow Flicker Beat" has today, on the second anniversary of the coming of the new messiah, Melodrama, confirmed on her Instagram story that her hotly anticipated third album is "in the oven".

    Lorde has previously stated she doesn't wish to leave as long a gap between her last record and the next as she did following the release of Pure Heroine (as well as saying "it may be 4 years it may be 10" so take this with a pinch of salt), so we may be within reach of a new era.


    Who would you like to see her collaborate with on the upcoming project?
  2. Lila

    Lila Staff Member

    Already iconic.
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  3. Considering the connections Jack has, I'd very much like a lil something with John Congleton and St. Vincent. And because I'm a fag I don't care if the styles match, HAIM. She can lock the door when Taylor knocks tho.
  4. Is Lorde even friends with Taylor anymore? Ddd
  5. Sam


    I hope not
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  6. I'm going to go with my favorite pop producers: Ariel Rechstaid & Justin Raisen.
  7. Its hard to imagine where I want her to go next, everything we have thus far is so brilliant.
  8. I literally hope she calls this album '3rd Record'.
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  9. I would love for her to do a few tracks with Rostam. And everyone should work with Kevin Parker.
  10. I honestly want her to self-produce it. Go up your own butt a bit, sis.
  11. Ha Boys For Pele is comin' y'all.
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  12. R92


  13. Oh my goodness, YES at Rostam.
  14. I could picture her working it out on a track like Hot Pink, with her writing style and a nice chaotic chorus. I'd live.

  15. Reading that little text and, while already feeling all kinds of happy, seeing "Third one in the oven".

    I suddenly want to live.
  16. Melodrama was the one. It cemented for me when my life was going through such a pivotal change - I still get unexplainable feels when I listen to it. Completely ready for her to fuck me up again.
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  17. SOPHIE?
  18. Beat ya to it xx
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  19. I'm still sad Melodrama didn't get the success it deserved. What a fucking flawless album!
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