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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. So the cover song for the tour will be Vanessa Williams’ Colours of the Wind?
  2. I think some people in this thread have been arguing just for the sake of arguing. You know, sometimes it's just easier to let people be wrong.
  3. On Popjustice? Someone really IS stoned at whatever salon they are at right now.
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  4. I skip it asap
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  5. Robyn's spoken word outro hits this weird balance between being extremely cringeworthy but at the same time commanding you to be here for it? Every time I hear "Welcome to Sadness" my eyes roll all the way to the back of my skull, and it only gets worse from that point on, but somehow I don't just don't mind it, but also kinda enjoy it? It's like she's not completely sure if she's in on the joke herself but goes along with it anyway, and maybe that's precisely the beauty of it (and the album as its extension). I've seen many people criticise the album's lack of point of view, that the criticism it tries to present is muddy and not thought-through, but there's some beauty in how lightheartedly it deals with this lack of point. Not everything has to be part of a grand narrative, sometimes you're maybe just blabbering because you're stoned and time is passing by and the world is decaying and the only way to escape it is through your privilege, which you're aware of, but at the same time can't do much about.
    It's funny that there's so many articles talking about how this album was a missed opportunity to criticise this wellness culture and new-age discourse, yet the only overt critique of it (Dominoes) is by far the album's weakest link.
  6. The only time I don’t skip Robyn’s soliloquy is when I’m driving and my respect for traffic rules and death keeps me from looking at my iPod and hitting that button.
  7. Dominoes is so…weird, to me. I get that it’s about male privilege - a man who fumbles and misbehaves his way through life - and the inherent injustice of it all but the examples she uses to illustrate her point are so…benign? He does yoga, he takes care of his flowers (?!) - hardly worthy of criticism! Even the suggestion of something more sinister (“the woman that you hurt”) is vague (unconscious hurt is inflicted all the time in relationships, after all) and the veracity of the statement itself is almost put in question by the game of Chinese Whispers implicit in “I knew a girl who knew a girl” etc.

    Not that explicit terms are needed but when the rest of the song lacks any real context, it’s just like…what is the point of this song? It feels like we are missing a verse or two that explains why this guy is a phoney for being a New Age plant king all of a sudden. It’s frustrating cause a really sharp character study over the lovely, soapy sound of the song would have been absolutely killer.
  8. So she was doing a JADE? AKASKFFFK

  9. Forgot to add, my favorite part about Robyn's monologue is the very end and the way she intones it. It makes it seem as if she's reading something that Lorde evidently wrote trying desperately not to cackle.

    We can go look at the —
    by euphoria?
    mixed with existential vertigo?
  10. SMG


    I love Robyn’s part.
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  11. All of your takes on this album have been fantastic.
  12. I skip Robyn’s part every single time, it’s so unnecessary.
  13. I didn't even realize Robyn was on this album.
  14. Yeah, I've been thinking the critique on Dominoes is a bit rich when Lorde suddenly became a sun-worshipping, social media hating, New Age plant queen herself. Dddd.
  15. I unironically enjoy Robyn’s part every single time I listen to the song.

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  16. ok alt @aux account
  17. Both my vinyl copies came today!! I waited to play this on vinyl, dunno why, just worked out that way. Can’t say I’m blown away after a couple plays, hope its a grower but at the moment its kinda boring.
  18. I was dumb and didn't realize the deluxe vinyl had the same cover as the other versions, and mistook what I guess is the gatefold mockup as alternate artwork, so I suppose I'll be selling my standard variant now dd.

    Also I love Robyn's bit as well.
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  19. Imagine the kii if it was just Jack speaking all along.
  20. The music box is lovely but the album download sucks for real. You can download only 2 types of WAV files and that is it. There is no cover, no tags, nothing. I had to convert them to mp3 to fix everything.
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