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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. The calendar year wait for the Melodrama vinyl was a scream. It's a shame that they appear to have got that right this time, but I have no intention of buying one
  2. I wonder how many Solar vinyl copies would have been sold if it wasn't for preorders.
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  3. Worth the wait though! Definitely one of my most luxe packages.
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  4. The Man with the Axe keeps swinging at my heart with every single listen. Some of her best lyrics ever and one of the album's most gorgeous and vulnerable vocal deliveries. Spellbinding.
  5. The Popcast episode on this is pretty good. They don't love the album but it's a pretty thoughtful and measured assessment of her intentions and creative choices.
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  6. I finally got to listen to the album. I had only heard Solar Power from the singles because I wanted to hear the rest of the songs as a whole body. The first single is the worst song of her career even if it becomes tolerable while listening in the context of the album. The whole thing is a vibe with some strong melodies on The Path, Fallen Fruit and Mood Ring. It's not her best album but all songs are growing very quickly with repeated listens. It's a very discreet and introvert album. The weak link are the lyrics which left me cold at best and made me cringe at worst. Overall I enjoy the album for what it is and I'm curious to see if I will come back to this more in the future.
  7. This album had me in a chokehold for like 10 days, it’s cooled off a bit now but this heat may have me blasting The Path on repeat x
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  8. The album is not perfect but The Path , Secrets and Mood Ring are inside my best songs of the year.
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  9. Gorgeous.

    Additionally, Fallen Fruit + a Britney cover

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  10. A pop girl not covering Toxic, Womanizer or Baby for the umpteenth time? Taste!
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  11. Lorde continues to show that she has the best taste in pop music. Her covering not only one of the greatest Britney songs titled Break The Ice but then it transitioned into her song about climate change? Mama, the layers.
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  12. Dancing in a red dress in a misty forest must be an intentional Wuthering Heights reference too

    The taste on display!
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  13. Lorde covering Break The Ice feels like a weird gay PopJustice fever dream, it's wild. And it's so good!
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  14. I was not expecting this and I'm obsessed.
  15. I appreciate Fallen Fruit's been given multiple performance slots now... I recall she mentioned a video for Dominoes, but I wonder if that's another one of the things they shot in advance.
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  16. Love a thematic cover moment.
  17. The way they reimagined “Break The Ice” for Lorde is just brilliant. Never in a million years would I’ve guessed that this track would fit her like a glove. I love that they didn’t make it too acoustic and kept the pulsating beat. Great job Lorde!
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