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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

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  2. This thread is a mess.
  3. You could burn sage and I'll cleanse the crystals
  4. We accept the threads we think our eras deserve
  5. The album does sound better when at the beach.

  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    The album is fine and deserves better than...what's happening in this thread.
  7. The Path is nice isn’t it?
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  8. R92


  9. The way I saw this and nodded…

    also the Melodrama one makes complete sense, few songs I associate more with a cap kicking in than Green Light nn
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  10. This is Popjustice after all. (Though we all seem a bit slap-happy today across the forum for some reason.)
  11. I've mellowed on the album but the real mess of this thread was seeing people enjoyed the Britney cover! Inspired choice but phew the lack of charisma.
  12. Is the album campaign over?
  13. Perfect Places definitely is a very disillusioned comedown.
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  14. It is the one for me. The chord progression switch from the tense, mysterious verses to the cathartic moment of "now if you're looking for a saviour..." and the unraveling of that section with added vocal layers, drums and guitar evoke really well the balance between feeling all alone, anxious and looking for an answer, and the eventual light at the end of the tunnel, which seems to be the recurring theme of the album. It makes for the perfect opener.
  15. The Path and California are both stellar and are worthy of being some of the only uptempo-ish songs on the album.
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  16. But her cover was amazing and charismatic teebs!
  17. pdf


    Kinda feels like this album is dead in the water already
  18. Hasn’t she mentioned having 2 more music videos to release?
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  19. Sam


    I’m sure she said 7 altogether?
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  20. HMD


    I may not be listening to the same album as everybody else… because I believe it’s amazing.
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