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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I went from listening to this album 4 times a day to forgetting it existed once the temperature dipped below 25 degrees celsius
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  2. She bodied her Met Gala look!

    296165D0-8AEE-417F-8EFD-83ED1354D828.jpeg 0A83DC3F-3AB5-4E5C-A035-0D5936CCC747.jpeg
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  3. She's progressively looking more and more like a brunette Tilda Swinton and tbh I'm stanning.
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  4. Mood Ring is the girl today.

    The album? It's all still there. She may have packaged it in a way I am not completely on board with. But I can't wait for her next album 2028.

    It will be fantastic.
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  5. Mood Ring is officially Solar Power’s next radio single:

  6. SMG


    I would love to see The Path get a video.
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  7. "US Triple A radio". What's that
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  10. Sam


    Still getting a lot of mileage out of this album. So hyped to see her twice next year.
  11. [​IMG]

    Poor baby.
    kii love ya
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  12. Lorde offering Lana the royalties from Stoned
  13. So what's this I hear about Lana suing Lorde?

    Sounds fake but all of this just reminded me of the beef they had that I completely forgot about dd.
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  15. This album has only grown and revealed itself to me over time. Maybe as Summer wanes, it feels more necessary.

    I think it also sounds incredible in stark relief to Kacey, the other girlie I was highly anticipating.

    It’s so inviting, and while some of the content may feel “surface”, she’s really taking each theme or topic and rolling it around in her hands like a shell found on the beach. It’s a divine listen. Things like Man With The Axe sound gently excavated from soft earth, dusted and gently polished for display.

    There’s a real feeling of care to the record, which I think is evidently intentional.
  16. I hate Dominoes just as much as I adore the rest of the record. I get so lost in The Man with the Axe that I always forget that Dominoes follows with those half-assed lines, limp instrumentation and half-baked concept, and it always gets me out of the fantasy. Truly an awful moment and an instant skip. Why she kept it on the standard edition and relegated brilliant Hold No Grudge to the deluxe edition is beyond my understanding.
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  17. Nn bopping to Dominoes on shuffle made me revisit the album. It’s a cute girl. The bonus tracks need to make their way to streaming STAT though.
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  18. You loving this and not Kacey... life is a mystery.
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