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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. She should have dropped Solar Power as the tease and then Mood Ring one week later as the big push single. And then The Path just prior to the album. I think everything could have done a lot better.

    When the lead single gets a muted reaction, why wait like six weeks to drop the next tease, and go for something as understated as Stoned?
  2. Sam


    Ella in tragic album rollout shocker !

    jokes kinda I do agree though, this could have been handled so much better. I wonder where the other 5 music videos are
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  3. Album remains a yawn. The soundscape lacks interesting details and surprises, the lyrics are overall clusmy and forced despite some brilliant moments here and there, the melodies are not particularly interesting, the concept doesn't do much for me, and her vocals sound thin on a lot of the tracks. I see why a lot of the fanbase is turned off.
  4. To be fair, Pure Heroine does house one of the biggest hits of the last decade, so it doing better on streaming than Solar Power on its fifth week isn't exactly surprising.
  5. I like bits and pieces of this album. There are some moments when it really feels like it is all coming together and making sense… and then there is the rest of it.

    Ultimately I don’t think she achieved what she set out to achieve here. The lyrics feel shallow, the music is often bland. The album lacks what made Melodrama and Pure Heroine special. Clearly chain smoking joints on a beach in your early 20s is not the creative revelation she thought it was.

    With that all said I’m at least glad she hasn’t tried to make another Melodrama. It would’ve been so easy for her after all of the critical success of the last album to latch onto that sound and wring it dry, but instead she pivots, unsuccessfully mind you, to an entirely different soundscape. It gives me hope that she’ll continue to try new things in the future rather than simply retread former glories.
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  6. I very much agree with this. I like that she doesn't seem to be phased by outside expectations and just does whatever she wants to do, while still keeping her distinct sound.

    This isn't the masterpiece that Melodrama was (which is a very high standard to hold anyone to), it has some duds, but it does have a handful of standouts. I think it would have been cooler if she dove more into the theme of climate change, because Fallen Fruit is great.

    That's the biggest bummer for me about not being in love with this album...we waited 4 years and will likely wait that long for the next album.
  7. I can't imagine she isn't pissed. She begrudgingly returns and basically makes an entire album about how over it she is, and then her fans and the media meet her exactly where she's at in response dddd. I wonder if she's like "Why did I bother?" and trots off to the beach for another 4 years.
  8. It's an interesting predicament that she's in once again. Melodrama felt like a career shift in terms of trajectory and expectations (emphasis more on critical/internet acclaim) only for Solar Power to essentially press the reset button again. It's the risk one takes when waiting this length of time between albums early in their career, but I think she's in for a steep uphill battle for the next album either way.
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  9. 'Hold No Grudge' being left as a deluxe bonus track was a huge mistake.
  10. Blue vinyl of Solar Power back in stock here
  11. upload_2021-10-2_19-42-5.png
  12. Katy really does naturally give off Regina George energy ddd.
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  13. The way they both look like they're wearing bedding too
  14. Lorde's rambling emails
    Lorde's rambling Onion Ring ratings
  15. It's raining and this album still slaps

  16. Eclipsing expectations is… a lie.
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  17. Even the sky cries when this album is playing
  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Why do I feel like the people constantly trying to belittle this record haven’t even heard it? So strange.
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