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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I mean: I don't like Solar Power but Lorde will have no problem with career longevity.
  2. She shakes things up every single time???
  3. Interesting that she seems to be overtly campaigning for a Grammy after the performance snub the year Melodrama was nominated for AOTY.
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  4. She has uploaded pics to Instagram stories.

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  5. David and Lorde gushing over Mitski and David maybe accidentally leaking that they have a collab coming.

  6. Not to bring this up again, but Jacob Antonoff is a fraud!

    can you come up with something else.gif?

    At least they came up with the Natasha Godinfield and Britney-inspired Mood Ring.

  7. Releasing Solar Power as the lead single while sitting on something as instant and infectious as Mood Ring was such a misfire. I could definitely see Mood Ring becoming a hit and the campaign going a lot better had it been the lead.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Seriously, she’s nothing if not bold, this time releasing a record with no songs above a 7.5. A brave artistic statement.
  9. The bold move was the cheeks.
  10. Composting queen!

  11. Taking her compost bin for a walk is very Solar Power! We love the sneak promo.
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  12. She could even put some music boxes in there and they’ll happily degrade somewhere that isn’t a warehouse.
  13. Speaking of which, today was the first time I saw the music box stocked at my local Walmart. It was $29.99 CDN, double the price of most CDs near it. I felt slight rage when I saw the sticker notifying (warning?) that it does not contain a CD. What a waste and a ridiculous concept.
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  14. So much to unpack here. The Gaga and Harry shirts, the compost, her feet looking like there's absolutely no blood flow going on there

    How did they even recognize her with a mask on?
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  15. Imagine the smell though.
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  16. Why do her feet look fake? I can't stop looking at them!
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  17. Sam


    Bless her, she’s so canny

  18. Still bopping to Mood Ring though.
  19. People (including in this thread) do need to chill a bitsy. Solar Power is that cute and care-free girl. It can feel a little airey and weightless but I kind of think that’s the point? She’s got it out her system and I suspect whatever’s next will be markedly different.

    The way half the forum faves would give a liver to get a single song as good as the worst song on Solar Power… like, accept it’s a passing ocean breeze and not a life raft to hold on to for dear life like another notable record of hers.
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