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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Why do her feet look fake? I can't stop looking at them!
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  2. Sam


    Bless her, she’s so canny

  3. Still bopping to Mood Ring though.
  4. People (including in this thread) do need to chill a bitsy. Solar Power is that cute and care-free girl. It can feel a little airey and weightless but I kind of think that’s the point? She’s got it out her system and I suspect whatever’s next will be markedly different.

    The way half the forum faves would give a liver to get a single song as good as the worst song on Solar Power… like, accept it’s a passing ocean breeze and not a life raft to hold on to for dear life like another notable record of hers.
  5. Mood Ring was the only song I kept dddd.
  6. “Mood Ring” and the title track are the only ones I consistently revisit, I fear—with “Mood Ring” being the clear standout for me. I wish the rest of the album had been patterned after that sound. Well.
  7. I kept the whole album and you can bet I'm gonna blast it while high at the beach when I go back home next week.

  8. I understand that some people (myself included) have been doing a lot with our disappointment in the album, but this is just decidedly untrue. It's a collection of 7/10s at best, with basically nothing going higher or lower than that.
  9. This album’s been cute background noise for the past few months. I struggle to have any strong feelings about it but it’s an enjoyable listen.
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  10. The way the other half of the forum wouldn't listen to this twice if it wasn't Lorde's...
  11. You had me in the first half sis but Leader of a New Regime better than 'half the forum faves' when said faves are Dua Lipa and Lady Gaga...literally who are you referring to nn.
  12. They aren’t in the half I’m talking about. So what now?

    (I just kind of don’t get the weird feeling of resentment I read all the time towards the album. Is it amazing? Not really. Is it the definition of a cute girl? Sure!)
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  13. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    'Mood Ring' really is that existential dread inducing song disguised as a floaty bop girl.

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  14. I love Solar Power (alberm and lead buzz single), and I think time will be kind to this artistic endeavor.

    But I do especially love the way she tempered the ironic cynicism of Mood Ring's lyrics with the earnestly wistful and sad melodic tone of the production. It's what keeps it away from becoming an entire parody of itself, and reminds me of Royals, Homemade Dynamite, and Green Light.
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  15. Didn't she say at one point we were getting seven music videos this era, or am I misremembering that?
  16. I’ve been thinking this today. Get a new single out. Do something. Stop composting the Manhattan skyline.
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  17. She said like 7 videos. And I wouldn't be surprised if she was counting stuff like "Lorde covers Break The Ice for Vogue" and "Lorde covers Torn" between these.
  18. I read that the Fallen Fruit video is coming next week.

    But that song is one of my least favorites so I don't really care ddd.
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  19. Justice for that Renaissance festival flute! Put your turkey legs up, little solar panels!
  20. Do we really want her to drag on with this era long enough to get 7 videos though.
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