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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. She said like 7 videos. And I wouldn't be surprised if she was counting stuff like "Lorde covers Break The Ice for Vogue" and "Lorde covers Torn" between these.
  2. I read that the Fallen Fruit video is coming next week.

    But that song is one of my least favorites so I don't really care ddd.
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  3. Justice for that Renaissance festival flute! Put your turkey legs up, little solar panels!
  4. Do we really want her to drag on with this era long enough to get 7 videos though.
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  5. I mean we probably won't get another album for another 4 years so might as well.
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  6. Big Star was always the one for me and then I found out its meaning:
    Fuck, my heart.
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  7. Despite my relative defence of the album, she needs to put out a new video, yeah. Now it’s actually winter, she’ll need to work harder to make me feel the summer teas again. Maybe a few cute remixes of the previous singles wouldn’t have gone amiss, too.
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  8. The album was very much not for me and that was ~obviously hard to swallow at first. I mean going from the lyricism of Melodrama to whatever she was trying here was an unexpected drop even as I was in with the new sonic direction. Ultimately the bitter taste in my mouth seems to linger based on how much more time and space this album got and will continue to get based on her name. There isn’t a hidden great Lorde album here, there isn’t even a good album here objectively. I’m trying not to stomp on everyone who has enjoyed it (something my previous posts here lacked) but as a genuine fan for whom lyrics are the key to Lorde’s genius for me, this album makes me wish the next 7 years could pass a little faster
  9. Sam


  10. OK but what a great episode that was?!
  11. I hated the album, I forced myself to make it my guide through a tough phase because well it is Lorde and I wanted to see the sun again. I got happy again and kept trying to keep it up.

    The album really is a pointless pile of shit. That's fine after something so outstanding like Melodrama. I am surprised though that the fall was that deep and the landing that hard. Nothing here is really worth any time. Sure Mood Ring is cute and sure some lines are smart but overall this is a complete non event.

    I wonder how people still make time to listen to this when there is so much music for every situation in live that is lightyears ahead in every single way. Lorde herself outdid herself before. And it is not about 'where are the bops'. I think everybody would be fine with a bop free Lorde album if it would showcase what made her great. Nothing of it is here.

    As I said I really forced this onto me and really felt for a moment that I love it just because I wanted to love this so much. But I honestly don't. I do not understand how people like this album at all anymore. I gave it a spin last night and it is an artist being completely creatively bankrupt.
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  12. I think calling the album creatively bankrupt is going a bit far. The songs are not that great but that something different than creative bankruptcy IMO.
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  13. They feel uninspired, if there is a theme or a world she wanted to built it is so loosely it’s a card house at best.

    There is no distinctive Lorde sound here, no core that tells you something about the artist. I don’t expect a Cheryl Cole album to give me some proper insights but Lorde did a lot before and is again trying to do something here - including the mails and CD boxes without a CD.

    It’s right that her creativity is there somehow. It just somehow adds up to absolutely nothing.
  14. A pointless pile of shit? Creative bankruptcy? Sorry I think you’re looking for the Ed/Adele thread.

    The hyperbole here truly is something.
  15. Right, how do you harbour such…vitriolic thoughts about an album that honestly, doesn’t warrant neither ends of extremities? There’s being disappointed and then there’s… that. It’s bizarre. This album is nowhere near as earth-shattering or a statement piece as Melodrama was for sure, but it’s a cute moment and I reckon it will get more rotations out of me with summer finally starting down under here.
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  16. Just say you don’t like it is enough.
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  17. You act like she killed your cat or something. So she released an album you didn’t like, and??? It’s getting more than a little weird…
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  18. Im disappointed. They all have shitty moments. I don’t think it’s wrong to name them.
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