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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. If there was anything approaching the greatness of White Lilies Island... I'd be at the beach with her.
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  2. I for one, love the Solar Power thread.
  3. Walking music video? HAIM says hi.
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  4. She needs to Super Bass the bonus tracks into singles with videos to give this campaign a shot in the arm. Fallen Fruit as a single choice needed some radical, insane video to make it worthwhile but um…chile anyways
  5. The first 5 songs and Mood Ring are great which means half of the album. I think very high expectations it didn't live up to make the situation sound worse than it is.

    I'm especially surprised Fallen Fruit isn't more loved here. It even winks at Melodrama in that dramatic middle part. So good.

    P.S. That Viva Forever opening of Mood Ring is divine.
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  6. Maybe against popular belief within the group of Solar Power apologists people actually aren’t just looking for everything to sound like Melodrama.
  7. Are they looking for it to sound good? Cause it does.
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  8. Lorde really hurt you.
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  9. I love the contrast between the utterly absurd extreme reactions here when it comes to Lorde and Clairo on one side, and my sleeping rhythm on the other. The quality of my naps has improved so significantly this year, seeing that two somnolent queens soundtracked every session of basking in the sunlight and every dip in a mug of hot ginger tea. My body stays fresh and my skin moisturized, my crystals cleansed and my sage burning, and I do hear both the waves and the cicadas. I'd throw in some references at Sling too but I barely remember hearing the lyrics under the sound of dust settling on the unutilized percussions.

    I will forever stan Lorde for doing something this light-hearted, yet managing to get everyone pressed more than some truly offensive releases this year. She had to make TWO tracks explaining why she is not the leader y'all need (and didn't even bother to finish one of them up lol) as a disclaimer before pulling off this simple whiff of breeze about acetone fumes and sunshine and astrology, and even forced Robyn to recite her cannabis-infused blabber to please the gays, all to no avail! What a character arc, from the voice of the generation to a creatively bankrupt class traitor unbothered by anything except the beaches! We love to see it! Solar POWER.
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  10. That weed was good huh
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    The way this album will leave no carbon footprint, no lasting impact... mission accomplished Lorde.
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  13. I’d say it’s much more like the episode where Marnie and Desi get married, actually (wait at this being a fun game, dddd).

    Anyway. Is Solar Power the album of the year? No. Is it as bad as some of its most vocal critics on here make it out to be? Also no. Did we all set ourselves up for a fall with our outrageous post-Melodrama expectations? Oh, yes. And I don’t think we can necessarily blame Lorde for that. I mean, heaven forbid she put out the album she wanted to make, rather than the album we wanted her to make. If we were to hold all of our faves up to that standard, we’d have nothing left to listen to but … silence?

    Okay, so I’m not a fan of Dominoes and Stoned At The Nail Salon (the latter sounds too much like 2 very recent Lana tracks, by the same producer no less, which just feels … unfortunate). But The Path is a career high, Fallen Fruit and Oceanic Feeling hint at even greater things to come, Mood Ring and Secrets are cute pop girls … and the title track remains a bop, which is a hill I am willing to die on. Like, I find plenty to like and even love here - and I don’t need edibles, fennel or a vintage Dries slip to think so.
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  14. This doesn’t preclude the album from criticism though. I swear most pro-Solar Power posts here just defend Lorde’s right to make a bad album while denying others the right to critique it.
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  15. Oh no, of course not. You’re absolutely right. I hope my post didn’t come across that way.
  16. I hate the ‘she’s not going to re-create Melodrama’ argument. Well then at least create something that is a strong body of work.

    Maybe this underwhelming era is a palette cleanser.
  17. Well at least she confirmed in a comment on a fan’s Instagram that there will be 4 more music videos.

    One is for The Path apparently.
  18. This post made me laugh, despite my general indifference/slight disappointment with Solar Power. Now, as far as Sling goes… That deserves all the draggings, though I suppose people would have to remember it first. And no one does. Except that one poster who defends it in every thread.
  19. Glad to you pointed out how not like Madame X this album is because I was about to. This album has a trite soundscape that is simple to a fault whereas Madame X is weird as hell and one of the most sonically adventurous and sonically detailed albums out there. It's also ambitious while Solar Power is certainly not.
  20. It's Solar Power, but with two new tracks:

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