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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Well at least she confirmed in a comment on a fan’s Instagram that there will be 4 more music videos.

    One is for The Path apparently.
  2. This post made me laugh, despite my general indifference/slight disappointment with Solar Power. Now, as far as Sling goes… That deserves all the draggings, though I suppose people would have to remember it first. And no one does. Except that one poster who defends it in every thread.
  3. Glad to you pointed out how not like Madame X this album is because I was about to. This album has a trite soundscape that is simple to a fault whereas Madame X is weird as hell and one of the most sonically adventurous and sonically detailed albums out there. It's also ambitious while Solar Power is certainly not.
  4. It's Solar Power, but with two new tracks:

  5. 'Hold No Grudge' could actually be the best song of the era.
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  6. I think I was just hoping for 11 and a half "Cologne Cerrone Houdini"s with this album, and the album is a cute girl (I'm actually one of the biggest defenders of it compared to others), but maybe I just think it was too muted. I'm perched for the bonus tracks, as I just didn't bother before.
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  7. I am curious about the bonus tracks. I haven't listened to anything from this other than Mood Ring since it's release.
  8. The fallen fruit video… queen of walking!
  9. is Haim!
  10. The Fallen Fruit video is also bad. The videos have been abysmal this era. The lack of flavor is just wild.

    Her music videos were never excellent or anything but her past ones got the job done. These new ones are just so bland.

    A radical insane video would have been kind of weird for Fallen Fruit though. The song is pretty boring IMO.

    The majority of professionally produced songs sound good. Ed Sheeran's music technically sounds good. That should not be the bar, especially not for Lorde.
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  11. Both bonus tracks do a good job of reminding me how enjoyable the music is when I park my expectations. They’re great and -

    This whole time, I've been playing it coy
    The city's falling for me just like I'm Helen of Troy, ah

    - is such a great lyric Lorde. A lovely little throwback to Pure Heroine, when she was all bravado.
  12. While I'm a little solar battery, I have to agree that the Nine Perfect Strangers approach to the videos has been boring and lacking in any excitement, creativity or just sense of fun. They add nothing to the music, have zero replay value and are not that beautiful to look at.
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  13. Honestly her videography is nothing to write home about anyway. It's always been her weak point. Aside from Green Light maybe.
  14. Perfect Places is pretty good. She was serving looks.
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  15. Team has a great video but Perfect Places is pretty much Solar Power but make it at night.
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  16. Not her best video being a feature though, Magnets was pretty...magnetic.
  17. Oh yeah Magnets was great (and a total banger still!). Teams is cute in a Tumblr aesthetic teen whatever moment videos from that era are.

    Lorde thrashing atop her escalade bathed in red light (cmon SYMBOLISM) as the driver has a smoke is a moment. As is J*ck appearing on piano in the bathroom from Candy Man. It's a simple video but I think she nailed the feel of the song/album without having to spell it out nn.
  18. What my libertarian cousin calls me over the holidays when I say that nuclear energy's sufficiency doesn't override how unethical it is to dispose of in practice.
  19. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Her alt-star power throughout all the Pure Heroine videos...not everyone has that. Magnets was such BPG energy too.
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  20. Tennis Court and Greenlight are both top tier videos
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