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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I enjoy hyperbole as much as the next person, but this is a little much. I’m not crazy about the album either, but it’s not exactly Love + Fear territory.
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  2. Well I didn’t care for that album either.
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  3. Sam


    Solar Power is perfectly fine and actively good in some places. It’s not the grief and maturity album we anticipated but there are shades of brilliance to be found throughout the full 51 minutes. Let the light in gherlz x
  4. As soon as I read "hazelnut cake and Manhattans" I was done. Ella, sis... you're absolutely killing me.
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  5. This Goop era was worth it just to get “Mood Ring”. The rest can be composted.
  6. In time I think The Path could become my overall favourite from the era. Maybe it is already. Epic opening track, it really goes on a journey (unlike many of the songs which show but don't grow).

    It and Mood Ring are certified Ella classiques and I'm happy with that takeaway from this project. Now lemme shimmy in my vintage Dries slip and then collapse on the royere daybed.
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  7. California is stunning too and one, if not my favorite one off of this album.

    And it's one of the few moments when she lets us peak behind the blonde, superficial persona she's portraying throughout Solar Power. She paints California (the fame, the celebrity lifestyle, the glitz) as something shiny and beautiful, but it's not the place where she truly belongs. Don't want that California love / It's just a dream, I wanna wake up.
  8. I don’t think it is a stretch. The quality that is expected from Lorde is so much more superior than what we got. Which I guess worked against her with this release. It is definitely the year’s biggest disappointment.
  9. The album is fine albeit a bit underwhelming. I think it is nowhere near rotten as Love and Fear was. And people apparently forgot Sling happened this year because they felt asleep after pressing the play button.
  10. Ddd the way I hadn’t even realised that ‘Orange Trees’ could be actually be an influence thematically and in terms of sound for this album…

    Love + Fear low-key has more highs than Solar Power
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  11. I also think the Love + Fear comparison is valid. Both were massive regressions from the albums that came before. Lorde's songwriting is typically stronger than Marina's, so you don't get an Enjoy Your Life-style lyrical disaster on Solar Power, but I honestly find both albums to be similar levels of boring. In fact, Solar Power may be slightly more boring in that it's way too fucking sonically cohesive. The songs blend together something fierce and the only one I find myself coming back to is The Path.
  12. So I'm gonna post this image because it's either fake and we can all laugh about it, or it's real... and we can all laugh about it.
  13. Why do people on twitter believe this is real...?
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  14. She took Swingin' Party off US Spotify...evil.
  15. ...is it bad I hope it's real because it implies the existence of a timeline where Lorde sat in a studio and thought "You know who this song needs? Jesy Nelson."
  16. Maybe if it was called Stoned at the Tanning Salon.
  17. I’m sorry but I am genuinely belly laughing at the idea of a Lorde / Jesy Nelson collab. It is such absolute nonsense I can’t help but think it’s completely legit.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    No wonder Lorde hates us.
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  19. Apparently she removed some of her old songs from Spotify and her stans are pissed.
  20. Lorde ha Royalz featuring The UK Baddie is coming.
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