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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I finally unsubscribed from her newsletter today

  2. None of the features were popular yet and the song wasn't really pushed, no support anywhere.
  3. Sam


    Not her signing off with a Jessie Ware lyric and me falling head over heels in love with her for the MILLIONTH TIME
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Not Leader of a New Regime getting a video out of …. literally everything else on the album.
  6. This era just gets more and more disappointing. Her "live" the other day just made me roll my eyes.
  7. The gift that keeps on torturing.
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  9. Sam


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  11. Not Jessie demanding the audience scream "Fuck Big Pun!" when he was dead for, like, 12 years when that happened ddddddd.
  12. I had to read that article twice because I was sure the headline was satire ddd.
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  13. Lucille Ball <3
  14. Two queens joint slayage etc etc
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  15. I'm still shooketh by how not good this album is. Like, I don't think I could possibly give a fuck about what she's singing about on this album if there was a gun to my head.
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  17. Oh we about to be DEPRESSED
  18. Sam


    a really great listen

    how it 2022 and melo still album of the year
  19. It’s such a pity because the potential is there. It’s been a very frustrating period as a fan. So interesting that the latest video still has not crossed 2m views, almost two months after being released.
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