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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. sorry your vacations so boring
  2. Saw her last night and she was magnificent.
  3. pdf


    i bought my tix for the london show directly from the roundhouse & I haven't been sent them yet. anyone else?
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  4. I don’t think I’ve had mine yet either and ordered from the Roundhouse website.

    Edit: according to their website:
    It’s easy to get your digital ticket. Approximately 48-hours before the performance, you’ll be sent an email with your digital ticket attached.
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  5. mpl


    Ordered from gigsandtours and nothing yet either despite them indicating they were seemingly going to be physical tickets, but I’m sure they’ll be digital now…
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  6. mpl


    And just like that they’ve emailed saying they’re now digital and may only be issued on the day
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  7. She was great last night in Edinburgh. I wasn’t expecting it to be as high energy a gig as it was, even with most of Solar Power performed. While those songs were lovely live, I do wonder if the experience of performing them live in a set alongside Pure Heroine and Melodrama songs that go AWF will inform her next record. Solar Power always felt like something cooked up in intimate quarantine settings… hopefully she goes more maximal next time.
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  8. Yeah she was honestly incredible last night. Exceeded all my expectations, although it was mostly the Melodrama songs that were the highlights (glad there were so many in the set list as I missed that tour!)

    The Louvre and Supercut live… a moment most pleasing to me in my career.
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  9. I do think that the Solar Power songs performed live in that 1970s cult set up helped them blossom, but yeah, the highlights are certainly not them. I think she very much enjoys the energy from the crowd when things pop off so, hopefully that joy infects the next one.
  10. I’m thrilled we’re not posting her newsletters here in full anymore, but on the subject of new music, she seems genuinely excited and like she’s hinting at stuff in a few parts:
    Now I love to project wishful narratives and manifest things that ultimately don’t come true, but I’d not be surprised if the gigs and return-to-life on this side of the pandemic genuinely reengaged her with pop stardom after her recalibration. I hope she wants to follow up the album sooner than later.
  11. I don’t go to many live shows - what time do we think she’ll be onstage at Camden this week?
  12. In Edinburgh doors were 7pm, she came on about 8.50pm.
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  13. Sam


    Heavy rumours circulating that she’s featured on The 1975’s new single due to some Instagram interactions.

    Oh and just got my tickets emailed for Friday, can’t wait!
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    *plays Stoned at the Nail Salon*
    *eats a banana*

    but seriously, I thought it was great. More bangers next time please.
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  15. Performance of Solar Power at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend:

    Full set:

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  16. The way we lost The Louvre to Helen of Troy and a banana. Sad!

    The show was great though. There's plenty to like about Solar Power but the cuts from Pure Heroine and Melodrama really did tower over them. The momentum was stop-start but the songs are so special and she's a mesmerising performer - I wasn't too excited but it really came together for me in the room.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Ff I'm definitely glad I didn't go now d d d.
  18. Honestly I got my LIFE last night. Cried twice, danced like a complete maniac and just had the most incredible concert experience.

    She’s just everything.
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  19. I’m going to see Lorde for the third time tonight and I’m actually going to be sober this time around - I cannot wait to fully experience (and remember it) all of Green Light.
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  20. Just on my way back from seeing her tonight, to my great surprise she did THE LOURVE and it popped off.
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