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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I didn’t realise she changed the setlist up - something I LOVE. Glad we got The Louvre even if we didn’t get Hold No Grudge which is my favourite from the whole era. Big Star is apparently rare to get and was…cute I guess!
  2. I just got back and I loved the concert more than I expected. I was happy she did Tennis Court but the fact it was instead of Team hurts a little.
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  3. Sam


    Well fuck if that wasn’t one of the best things I’ve ever seen. We got a little part of Run Away With Me and then Writer In The Dark which everyone started shushing for, which was a scream. The Solar Power songs really came alive and everyone knew the words, which felt special.

    She finished with Helen of Troy, Royals and A World Alone. I fucking wept after Ribs, Perfect Places and Green Light lmao. I’m still on a high oh my god
  4. aux


    That was an absolutely brilliant show. I had seen her before at Alexandra Palace during the Melodrama tour and it was easily one of my favourite gigs of all time. I didn’t think she could come anywhere near close to that, and lo and behold, she managed it.

    The way the setlist is structured really lets the show flow and bloom throughout. There really weren’t any dull moments and was surprised to see how well people warmed up to the new material (although the songs from Melodrama got the loudest reception). The staging really surprised me, it’s quite minimal but it really works. The way it keeps switching and feels completely different for each song (particularly because of the lighting) despite just being a sundial is great. She’s just a phenomenal performer, and aided by a great setlist and staging, the whole performance really feels special.

    I will say, one thing did become evident which was discussed in the past here. The way she spoke about this era, it really sounded as Solar Power being a “pandemic album” situation which explains the subdued and chilled sound it has. She went on a long monologue about bangers right before covering Carly’s “Run Away With Me” and she alluded that whatever was coming next, would be more danceable. She also brought up Robyn as well during the monologue. I’m included to say that her next album is well underway too, but who knows with Lorde and her four year album gaps.

    Overall, the gig was fantastic. I was always a fan of Solar Power, but it really elevated the album because she sells the shit out of it live.
  5. Sam


    Yeah, from what she was saying it became evident that this was an album that she needed to get out of her system. I think seeing the reception to the Melo songs has sparked something and reminded her how much joy she can bring to the dance floor. I wouldn’t be surprised if her label tell her to get on with it for the next one after the lukewarm reception to SP.

    I’m a Solar Power apologist through and through but I’m excited to see where she goes next.
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  6. The staging is the unsung hero of this tour - incredible lighting and use/movement of very simple seeming elements to make every song seem like an entirely unique occasion.
  7. The unsung hero of Pure Heroine!
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  8. A World Alone is a phenomenal song. It being the closer is all kinds of gay rights!

  9. I love the lowkey sense of "I know y'all don't like it and I might have fucked up a little bit but watch out this space!!"
  10. I will forever be here for uptempo Lorde but I just hope she’s writing the bangers because she wants to.
  11. From her live performances, I think you can tell she loves a banger and a bop as much as any of us
  12. She was incredible at Forbidden Fruit. Green Light was a moment.
  13. I guess I've never been mad at her for going to the beach to be boring because there's still this underlying sense that she does get it. This song choice is an (admittedly small) example of that, but nonetheless I have no doubt she'll be back on form again.
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  14. Can't believe she hasn't performed 'The Man With The Axe' yet?! But 'A World Alone' getting it's moment is everything!
  15. Sam


    wait at me forgetting that my drunk ass was screaming the “HEY!” in between each chorus lyric. Sorry to everyone who suffered !!
  16. I saw her perform the Louvre in Paris and I cried.
  17. Lorde has proven that a banger doesn't need to be uptempo.
  18. Lack of uptempo songs or pop bangers is not the problem with Solar Power. The tempo was fine and honestly I'm sick to death of dance music, so the songs being slow was welcome. It's the banal subject matter and repetitive soundscape that is the problem. Her dominating the album with the weakest part of her vocal range and some watery melodies in places didn't help though.
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  19. Sam


    Transcendent, yet again. Just hit after hit.

    Not her covering Cruel Summer by Bananarama and all of us thinking it was a new song ddd
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