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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Lol
    I was singing along and two kids next to us asked me what it is
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  2. actually it is
  3. She was great. The ooky spooky Cruel Summer was a particular Highlight. I also cried my eyes out at Liability and Ribs.
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  4. Why does the album need uptempos or pop bangers? Not every album is concerned with that.
  5. because there are zero people on Earth that do sad bangers better than Lorde
  6. So... you're kinda over being told to throw your hands up in the air?
  7. I mean, yes, but if sad bangers don't fit what she's trying to do with the album, it's only natural not to have them there. To me, trying to shoehorn them in would be contrived even if it is what she specializes in.

    Fo sho.
  8. The silence between Lorde songs was something. I don’t get why they don’t have some of the songs overlap of avoid that.
  9. Team being resurrected made my gay heart sing.

    You saw that set from Lorde and this is all you have to say about it? I didn't even notice any gaps.
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  10. Sat and had a little cry thinking about her set last night.
    I don't think anything will compare for the rest of the year.
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  11. There were 1 minute gaps between songs where literally nothing was heard is all I am saying. Quiet and calm audience queen!
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  12. Saw her in Rome tonight and she really blew me away. What a show.
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  13. I’m in Sibenik and this is probably the most beautiful place I’ve visited for a concert. I don’t even care about the show, just let me stroll around these beautiful streets.
  14. I don't think anybody cares ddd but she totally blew me away on Saturday night. She played in a medieval fortress in front of 1000 people. Her parents were there too, they are so beautiful! I was also pretty content with the set list: it was pretty Solar Power-lite, but she managed to choose the better songs from that album and squeeze in as many bops as she could - we even got Team. Songs like Dominoes and Secrets from a Girl also came to life. And of course Mood Ring is totally on par with her biggest songs.

    She totally put me in an existential crisis, too ddd. I'm not a big Lorde fan; even though she did win me over and I jumped around and sang like crazy, I was there because of my boyfriend. All of Lorde's fans were beautiful and good-looking and also of my age, and it was great to share those moments with them, but at the same time, she didn't have THAT big of an impact on me, probably. My favourite artists are Kylie and Mylene Farmer, and I totally feel alone because of the age gap between me and their usual fans, and I'm jealous and sad that I'll never be able to share moments like these with the audience in a Kylie or Mylene concert, without wanting to sound ageist.
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  15. I saw her on Saturday too, and I really enjoyed the whole experience! The most beautiful moment was definitely when she was playing Ribs, everyone went crazy, and then in the middle of the song there were suddenly fireworks in the sky (because of some celebration in the city center) - it was really special. She finished me off with Hard Feelings afterwards, so I wasn't even too pressed that we didn't get The Louvre.

    I loved how the concert worked in that setting: I really think these songs benefit from such an organic atmosphere of a hilltop, a sunset and a view of the sea, it makes them sound more fleshed out (than they probably are lol). Leader of a New Regime also works fantastically well as an opener, I was not expecting that.
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  16. Corrected it for you.
  17. I just refuse to play music videos from this era but I really hope on the last one they’ll put her in a box and ship to somewhere else. Somewhere with no beach.
  18. Hen really spent a few times getting stoned infront of Midsommar during lockdowns like the rest of us.

    I do enjoy The Path though, it works well as an opener.
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