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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Her Glasto set was glorious. I’ve never been so close on the Pyramid and it was well worth pushing through for.
  2. Sam


    Turning up to the Pyramid stage like a PE teacher? Yes
  3. What is it the problem?
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  4. pdf


    That was Arlo Parks surely? She looked fine.
  5. I have one word for her. Toner.
  6. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    I do really love them all but...could they liven up just a little bit n n.
  7. I mean it's not a very lively song dd!
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  8. I honestly think Clairo looked the most stylish of the three of them, this new outfit on Lorde wasn’t my favourite of this tour….
  9. The black shoes were a choice
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  10. I thought her whole set was such a mood.

    That sunshine, the laid back songs, all the sunglasses. Thought she was great.

    The hair colour isn’t important, but it’s where she has to be for a while if she’s going from dark to blonde properly and safely.
  11. I loved clairo and arlos voice on stoned! For me, lorde’s voice does not fit this sound well. She’s not a particularly talented singer beyond her emoting and recognizability so with such light arrangements it feels strained.

    it’s interesting cause to me Lorde is clearly debuting a new look so discussing it feels within reason but Arlo and clairo seem to just be there singing with their friends so talking about their clothing doesn’t sit right with me (not trying to call any single poster out)
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  12. She is dressed, she's in dyke attire. Stay out of women's business.
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  13. Sam


    Lmao it’s not that serious? She wore a fleece on one of the biggest stages in the world and stood out like a sore thumb
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  14. How does the stage has anything to do with how she wear? She is 100% her, I follow her from the beggining and she doesn't care about any of those things. It's serious because she is always a target for this kind of things and it's bullying.
  15. Switching from her low to high register for Solar Power was an interesting choice. I don't personally enjoy it that much, but it does feel like she was trying something new, something cool, for the summertime etc.

    Seeing her in November will be an experience. Her Melodrama gig is still in my top3 concerts ever.
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  16. Yes it is that serious. Queer women have different style, just because she's not in a unitard or whatever doesn't mean she's not dressed. Also Clairo has spoken out about being uncomfortable being sexualised and you can clearly see that reflecting in the clothes she's been wearing on stage on her recent tour, she's been wearing a lot more masculine and looser fitting clothing. She's wearing what makes her comfortable. Why are you as a man commenting on what a woman is wearing anyway?
  17. What.
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  18. Sam


    Tbh I know literally nothing about her so I should have kept my mouth shut. It was just jarring seeing an outfit like that at a festival that is purely about spectacle and showmanship, like it seemed low effort? If that’s what makes her comfortable then completely fair enough. Apologies to you and @BrokenHearts for any offence caused x
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  19. She doesn't cater to what the industry and the show need. Let's celebrate that.
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  20. Ohh I disagree with this. That performance wasn't Lorde's best, but I think her voice sounds absolutely gorgeous on the record for that song. She's done it better before:

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