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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I'm really just wanting this Solar era to be over, because I feel her next album sonically will be her in the truest form.
  2. I’m still firmly of the opinion that her trying something new artistically and sonically on Solar Power is far preferable, even if a lot of the album is kind of shit, to resting on her laurels and giving us Melodrama 2.0: The Diminishing Returns.

    Reading about some of her thoughts on the album as a body of work and the fact she’s reflecting on what worked and didn’t also bodes really well. I’m hopeful that she continues to try new things and push herself.
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  3. I don’t think there is anything new sonically about Solar Power. I actually think she rested on her laurels with Solar Power because it’s pretty basic. But it was her pandemic album so hopefully just a blip.

    I didn’t want a repeat of Melodrama. I wanted a new album that stands up against the quality in the first and second albums. Solar Power doesn’t do that.
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  4. I'm watching the Glasto set now. The Louvre was made to be played on a festival stage, on a Sunday afternoon as the sun is setting.
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  5. Finally got around to her Glasto set and fuck if I'm not emotional about it. She really is one of the best performers in the world and her back cat is so strong already. Seeing her so confident and glowing and full of energy, giving gorgeous vocals under the sun, just feels right.

    Loved the songs we didn't get at Primavera. Sober in particular was a moment, and that must be her best ever performances of Royals? She sang it like it was the current world #1 single. She also gives some of the best crowd interaction of any popstar, like she's so loose and funny. God. Such a queen, we're so blessed to have her.
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  6. I'm having a moment with this album today, The Path is seriously still so good. That song, California, Stoned and Mood Ring are really really strong.
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  7. It's my go-to album for when I go to, you know exactly where, the beach. Listening to it while looking at the sea with the sand in your toes, your cheeks slightly red from the sun, those little sparkles on the horizon and the smell of salt in your tongue... yeah, she put her whole SPFussy on this one.

    She still needs to get off that damn beach, though.
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  8. Since seeing her live, the album has grown on me a lot. It also helps that she managed to choose the more interesting songs to perform, but honestly, I admire her for believing in the album and still being here for the new songs despite the lukewarm reaction.
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  9. We still pots n’ pansing these days and calling it an improvement? I’m a PC Music girl generally but like… some of these internet producers need to come up with something new real quick.
  10. The album really hits different when it's 105 F outside, there's no humidity, and you're lounging alone by the pool without a cloud in the sky.

  11. Listening to Solar Power right now and thinking about how some people like to act like this is a bad album

  12. It has some ok songs and the tour was pretty good.
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  13. It's not a bad album. It's her weakest material, which is a very high bar.
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  14. The music videos this era……………
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  15. I started falling asleep just looking at those thumbnails.
  16. It's not bad, it's just mostly boring as hell, and unfortunately it isn't compelling enough to be as boring as it is.
  17. Had she written a bridge and given it the proper mid-00’s finale with a big production and the chorus repeated twice with some adlibs it’s clearly begging for, she could have had a defining hit with Secrets From A Girl.
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  18. Well it's over
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