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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Sam


    It’s getting weird
  2. Yes it is! Remember when you stanned this album hehe
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  3. Sam


    Still do!!!!
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. It’s not a case of missing bops though! Mood Ring’s production is actually quite good but I cannot for the life of me stomach the lyrics. For me, Solar Power is akin to Love & Fear (but without the serious lows of that record). Both are talented artists who rose to prominence with their unique point of view, mature lyricism and pop perfect production. Now they seem to have run out of ideas with a life of luxury and clearly a strong group of yes people behind them. If you told me after Melodrama that Lorde’s next album would end with a song called Oceanic Feeling I would be crying tears of Florence Welch stanning joy but the actual product is the type of empty young white girl reflecting that fills Intro to Gender Studies everywhere.
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  6. Sam


    Sis is everything okay?
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  7. Yep just dragging a bad album on a pop music forum xx
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  8. Some of you haven't smoked a joint in the middle of a heatwave and let The Path rip your scalp off and it shows xx
  9. Honestly this is straight nail-on-the-head ddd. Oceanic Feeling is truly one of the songs that I can't just... play. "We could go fishing. You'll catch the big one." I screech.

    I agree with the L+F comparison as well. Solar Power is pretty much "... she fell." moment. There are many elements that could lead to a very interesting record, but the approach (from both Lorde and Antonoff) is just not very interesting. There's no depth for most of the record. What you have on surface level is absolutely all that you have. I also lowkey don't like the use of her voice, but I think i've mentioned this recently already. For someone with such a iconic low-end that can make you shake, that high register on songs like The Path....

    I do think she'll have a great future ahead. Pure Heroine and Melodrama are stellar records. I'd like to believe there will be another record soon and so on, but at the end of Melodrama cycle it also felt like she was going to get something quickly out and... well. It didn't happen. It was hinted many times there would be a Deluxe version and then she dropped the idea, which usually happens when artists decide to shift gears and make a real record in place.
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  10. This record isn't artistically bankrupt like Love + Fear, so I don't think it's a fair comparison exactly. It's more half-baked/"will this do?" along the lines of Star-Crossed, which (perhaps not coincidentally) also hangs its frayed material on the hangar of a concept album!!!!1!11! in a similar attempt to add an emotional heft that isn't actually reflected in the work itself.
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  11. The album is fine. Some of it is very boring and some of it is great and has her unique and peculiar voice all over it even if it doesn't get anywhere near the highs she's delivered before. The tour was excellent.

    Melodrama was a grand, operatic piece of art where every detail was obsessed over and delivered with surgical precision in service of capturing the enormity of young heartbreak. Solar Polar is more of a sketch and rumination of things and created through a more serendipitous approach in service of capturing the ambivalence of growing older. A painting at the Louvre versus an odd pic your bestie took at the beach while stoned nn

    I suppose you can say she should've waited for more potent inspiration, but in the long run I imagine her willingness to deviate on this album when everyone would've easily eaten up more thumping ennui will add positively to her ~myth as one of her generation's greatest.
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  12. Sam


    This is such a good take!

    Over the past few years I’ve really started to re-examine my lifestyle, my relationship with myself, friends, family, substances etc. I guess the album came at just the right time for me, right as I was telling myself to slow the fuck down and chill the fuck out. It definitely affirmed and reinforced that. It’s not for everyone, some people wanted more and I totally get it. But I don’t even think I say this with stan goggles on (nn) when I say that I find genuine enjoyment in most, if not all, of the record. I do find the hand-wringing and hyperbole a tad excessive, but I guess it’s fair when you look at how bulletproof Melodrama was.
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  13. I think if you love Lorde and she's your fave you love this album, if she's like Top 100 fave lower half and you stanned Team and Melo, you most probably feel eh okay fine about this album. And that is okay.
  14. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    She really released more videos for this album than her other 2 put together….
  15. I think it really is just about where you are in your life with some records, and this is one of them because of the intimacy and specificity of the lyricism.

    Melodrama transcended that in a way this... didn't. But I don't necessarily think that solely means that its better, it's just more of a streamlined package that pop music fans accepted more readily. I loved it on release but I was 17 and didn't really 'get' the album until I started university in '19. I imagine this will hit me more in a year or two when the themes line up a bit more with my experiences - I can already feel that happening more but when I listen to this on the rare occasion I pop it on, it's mostly me yearning for the time I get to reflect on what I'm currently going through, if that makes any sense.

  16. With her soon probably means in like 4 years but let’s hope.
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  17. Let's be real there's nothing soon about "sometime soon" so yeah.
  18. Yas! This time around I'm hoping for more... ~substance~.

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  19. Banger!
  20. My wig has been levitating for the past 24 hours.

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