Lorde - Solar Power

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The Man With the Axe is the best song on the album along with Big Star and Mood Ring!

I guess I'll always be this way
Swallowed up by the words and halfway to space
But there by the fire, you offered your hand
And as I took it, I loved you, the boy with the plan

And the way she slides into her higher register, an album highlight. The song is a little loose structurally like a lot of the album but feels like it actually commits to storytelling vs. just vibes.
Was it weed that inspired this album? Pretty sure it was a pumpkin spice latte.

I'm pretty sure it was all the medication that ends in -pam/-lam.

Mood Ring is still a great achievement. And the little radio that Spotify curates around it is glorious for these silly winter days.
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