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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Apparently a snippet leaked online but was deleted.
  2. I am hungry for her new era and the possibility of her own rendition of The Beach Boys is making me drool. Stomp on me mawma.
  3. That artwork

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  4. The idea of her croaky ass voice juxtaposed with some chill on the beach instrumentals is very tantalizing.
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  5. While I have absolute faith in our Lorde and saviour, Jack's sophomore productions have underwhelmed me beyond words this year so I pray he won't fuck up this one too.
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  6. The jaw-drop of the cover kinda fades when you see that it's a direct recreation of the inspiration material but still excited for this!
  7. Snippet leak:

    (No download link so should be okay to post. Mods please remove if not).
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  8. Omg!
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  9. Lordets go to the beach, each lets go get away!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. omg this snippet sounds so good in Spatial Audio!!!
  12. Just heard a LQ leak! It’s so chill and mealow. When the beat and the choir hit at the last minute of the song I fucking boppp my ass. It’s good you guys!
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  13. I really hope they release this tomorrow. The full thing is going to end up widely out there imminently.

    Edit: They have added Spotify/Apple Music etc. so maybe it is coming?

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  14. Sam


    Link’s not working for me!!

    It’s great to hear her voice again in the snippet. I can’t wait for the full thing.
  15. Sorry, I just edited the post. I meant they’ve added the link as if it’s about to go live.
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  16. Sam


    Gotcha. Fingers crossed. I’m going to the beach on Sunday and would very much like to have this on repeat
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  17. Is it midnight in NZ yet?
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