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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. I see we're already off to a messy start but let me stay positive.
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  2. Sam


    I mean, I know that, but the good sis has been trending at every mention of new music so it doesn’t seem that far of a stretch to me for them to capitalise on that with a wee smidgen of messery.
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  3. My biggest concern is that the album is obviously circulating with insiders and that there’s a chance it could leak.
  4. Not in love with the (low quality) version I heard, but I’ll reserve further judgment until I hear it when it’s actually been released. As far as I’ve seen, there isn’t a release date yet which is odd, they need to just put it out there, no use in waiting. Especially nowadays with how quickly everything moves on social media, I don’t think she’ll be able to hold into this hype for too long.
  5. Sam


    Do we know that it is for certain?
  6. The way she’s now expressed hatred for both winter and summer temperatures across two albums is a bit of a relatable scream.

    The new song is good. Between it and the cover, the world building for this one is off to a great start.
  7. Well if one person has it then I’m guessing he’s shared it with people.
  8. A Spring and Autumn girl? Relateable tbh.
  9. LTG


  10. Freedom starts at 2:05.
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  11. It's on Spotify! Listening right now
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  12. She’s HERE!!!!
    Fuckin Welcome Back Ella

    (what mind of Midsommar Mamma Mia hell video).

    Blink three times when you feel it kicking in
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  13. Never thought I'd see Lorde go full island gyal.
  14. Wtf is this? I love it.
  15. Ok i really like this. What a great week
  16. LTG


    Getting Midsommar at the beach and I for one am loving it.
  17. Okay, it's not what I was expecting but I like it? It's very chill.
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  18. Someone else didn't release it, though

  19. Ohhhh that video definitely elevated an already great song!
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