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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. The key change doesn't really sound earned you know?
  2. That whole argument is hilarious. It's like saying I can't enjoy listening to Britney repeatedly sing about how much she wants a good shagging because I'm still a virgin. I feel like the whole point to a lot of music is escapism.
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  3. I can't enjoy LoveGame because I'm not a bottom ":(" Won't they think of the tops!?
  4. ^I agree with the above arguments, but I feel like I understand the emotion that makes people feel negative about a track when the relatability is not there for them, especially when it's an artist they previously connected with. The attitude ultimately doesn't make sense and it limits artistic agency, but I could definitely see somebody who related deeply to Melodrama having a bit of a "what the fuck is this shit?" moment.

    Still, there's so much music out there that one can relate to that there's no reason why one artist should be boxed in.
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  5. Sam


    I can’t relate to a lot of Melodrama. I’ve never waited for a green light (gays don’t drive!!!), never been sober, never made dynamite at home, never been to the Louvre. Such a shame cause it sounds like a really great album.
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  6. Melodrama is an interesting album for me in that I don't relate to a lot of the specific experiences but I do relate quite a bit to the emotions behind them. That's not really happening with Solar Power but I can still appreciate it as a bit of witty earcandy.
  7. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Lorde: *releases the most pleasant, inoffensive song of her career*

    This thread: [​IMG]
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  8. What key change lol
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  9. Call me basic but the song does hit differently when the sun is burning outside.
  10. I hate the summer. Can't stand the hot.

    (Not even joking. It's so fucking hot and my apartment pool is filled with screaming kids all day errrrday.)
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  11. You have an apartment POOL?
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  12. Haha yes. The apartment complex does. I hope it gets less busy soon because I want to drop my cellular device in the water.
  13. My book arrived today and this is printed on the inside back cover:

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  14. Anyway…this has debuted at no 17 in the U.K., her second highest charting single after Royals..
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  15. This is good, but also an absolute crime.
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  16. I think Lorde's pretty much the definition of an album artist (which is fine) so that's a really good result.
  17. "And we'll see you in court xx"
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  18. Living your best Melrose Place fantasy
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