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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. She really went from taking narcotics and visiting perfect places, to encouraging us to drink more water...
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  2. One again........girl

    Let me just ignore this and stay perched for the album or hopefully Mood Ring soon.
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  3. Obsessed with the tour poster and other new visuals, and I’m already stanning Stoned at the Nail Salon.

    Why is this kind of sending me
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  4. Blue vinyl now sold out in the UK but there's an orange for indies.
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  5. Sam


    With the two bonus tracks being vinyl-only I can totally imagine her feeling that each variant is necessary dd

    I guess CDs on top of the variants would have been too much? People keep vinyl a lot longer, no?

    also wtf does D2C mean
  6. The two bonuses come with the “discless” one too, don’t they?
  7. There are more signed vinyls on bravado.de
    Go go go!!
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  8. Direct to consumer babs x
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  9. I feel like disc is an essential part of the physical edition, even if people doesn't play them very often. I just hope that other stars won't get on with this trend.
  10. Soon they'll just be signing empty slipcases "so we can fill them with our love ilysm *cloud emoji*"
  11. I feel like there’s a possibility of Japanese CD press?
  12. The music box thing will either be a huge success or a complete disaster. Like, it makes sense, in a way (I mean those Gaga USB pens that were being sold for $100 were much more idiotic) but at the same time it's obvious that they are selling this booklet with a download code so it counts towards the charts. I don't know, there are gays buying four Disco cassettes out there so...

    To be honest when I buy a CD I always play it on my stereo a few times, but I know it's not really the norm anymore. I'm just thinking of... old school music buyers going into a music store and seeing a stricker on the CD case with a "NO DISC INCLUDED" sticker. We'll see. The faux-environmentalism bothers me quite a bit.
  13. Sam


    Nabbed a signed and the blue one too. Thanks sis!!

    Not sure what the default “prepayment” option was that I chose but we move nn
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  14. I dont see mentions of signed vinyl anywhere
  15. Sam


    Here you go beb x
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  16. There are 2 black vinyl options - one of them is signed.
  17. 32 euro for US shipping?! chile
  18. Thank you, I was too slow
  19. The fact she’s right about CDs and yall can’t accept it

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