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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. BTG


    They literally sold out of the signed version when I was in the middle of checking out I-
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  2. I’m praying to the God of Sun that more signed vinyl go up on the U.K. store.
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  3. They've gotta restock some of these...I've never seen a faster sell out
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  4. LEGEND! Managed to snatch one!
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  5. Sam


    Looks like the deluxe vinyl comes with a download with the bonus tracks, thank god.
  6. Well, that’s not me
    ‘Cause we are all broken and sad
    Where are the dreams that we had?
    Can’t find the dreams that we had
    Let’s hope the sun will show us the path

    Lorde // The Path​

  7. Sam


    Closer look at the "music box"

  8. In her defense, I’m willing to bet more people play their vinyls than they do their CDs. They’ll also remain more collectible for a longer time period. It’s still hypocritical, but it sort of makes sense.
  9. 40 pounds for a vinyl and 16 pounds for a discless something? I am gonna pass for now.
  10. It does rub me the wrong way when big artists charge so much for vinyl. I mean I get the times but whew that’s a lot.
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  11. Ugh all the vinyl are sold out….
  12. Managed to get the signed deluxe from Germany....48 quid! Why do I do this to myself?
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  13. Nn I really want to hold out for a restock on the deluxe vinyl but also don't want to then be unable to get the standard either and end up with nothing.
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  14. Got the blue vinyl at least but hoping the signed gatefold will re-appear somewhere… Stressful!
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  15. I love how colorful it is in contrast to the Melodrama artwork.
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  16. Sam


    It’s 4 days until pay day and I’ve just dropped 80 fucking quid on two vinyl variants of this

    Next month if you wanna reach me - no you can’t!
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  17. I got the deluxe and standard blue marble vinyl because I couldn't decide. I'll sell one off eventually once I settle on it. Debating getting the music box...
  18. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Taylor is going to absolutely run with this music box idea.
  19. Solar Power’s Hot 100 debut this week:

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  20. Is that music box some sort of exclusive item or will it be available everywhere?
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