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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. Labels in general. My feelings are mixed since I still buy CDs and play them dd. But I've also seen how shitty CDs are packaged these days with barely there booklets (if there's a booklet at all) and if this gives me decent packaging in exchange for no CD? Well, I'm not sure yet.
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  2. This is the start of CDs truly being killed off isn't it nn
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  3. The "music box" is stupid seeing as it's ... 100% empty packaging, but I grabbed one of the signed deluxe vinyl.
  4. I guess Americans aren't ready for the Summer.
  5. My praying worked. It’s back!

    Edit: Managed to nab one but it seems it’s sold out again.
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  6. As one of the like 20 people on earth that uses CD's for 90% of my music consumption I'm... bereft.

    Maybe Japan will come thru.
  7. Waiting for the "It wasn't meant to be a chart hit!" posts nn
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  8. OspreyQueen

    OspreyQueen Staff Member

    I know my earlier post made it seem like a joke, but part of the reason I've started buying CDs again really is for archival purposes. I really...don't trust that the things that sustain streaming platforms as we know them (infrastructure, funding etc.) will stick around for as long as we'd like. I feel like I'm getting all my books from a library that's slowly falling into a cliff, and I'd at least like to own a few of my favourite books as real-life paper copies. Maybe I'm being too paranoid, but I'm happy to throw £10-20 at a CD, support the artist and get what's essentially a piece of merch in return, while also being insured for if Daniel Ek decides to fuck off to Mars and pull the plug on Spotify's servers as a final act of malice against the creatives he built his wealth on the backs of.

    Granted I'll at least own the digital copy, but I'd still much rather have it on a disc even if I won't be playing it right this moment.
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  9. This totally makes sense. I agree - that's why I buy physical copies of albums I like on vinyl, although vinyl takes up so much more storage, and requires so much more upkeep. Sigh.
  10. Blue vinyl is back up huns.
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  11. Not bothered about the signed one, picked up the blue and the exclusive deluxe, whatever that is?
    Did I just drop €95? Ugh
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  12. I'm still not hearing enough in "Solar Power" to warrant me pre-ordering the album.
  13. I still think the title track is super lackluster for her standards (I haven't even been seeking it out, like, at all), but I'm confident she'll deliver on the rest. I hope I'll be able to drop my favorite line, "This works so much better within the context of the album!" ddddd
  14. Those are absolutely clown prices.
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  15. I am going to hold out.
  16. I love the single and I would love a gatefold but 50 euros is no.
  17. This is exactly where I’m at. I have total confidence in her, but Solar Power was DOA for me.
  18. I see the US' lack of investment in green energy continues.
  19. Usher Hall is quite a big venue so I can’t see it selling out quickly because I have no money to get tour tickets nn.
  20. I still can't believe she went to Antarctica and then said summer 2022. Can't wait to see her live.
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