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Lorde - Solar Power

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Sam, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. The no CD thing seems silly to me. It’s not like she’s gonna sell record-breaking amounts anyway. And then the nerve to sell a £30 water bottle??
  2. I am furious at the no CD mess.
  3. RJF


    Y’all should keep refreshing occasionally; me and a friend managed to snag the signed deluxe an hour ago in the pub.
  4. 901 of the Recordstore variant left (only 599 sold)... it might be the only one we know the pressing one of but it does look the ugliest nn.

    Clear HMV will probably end up at Target/FNAC and be the least limited colour, the marbled orange indies one is probably the second least limited (and will probably sell out quicker than the clear because it's a gorgeous colour).
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  5. This has definitely grown on me, though I don't think it'll ever be an essential in her discography for me. I feel like it needed a bigger payoff after the verses, it doesn't really soar enough for me. It also doesn't help that I have reverse seasonal depression of sorts, and I hate summer so I don't think this whole vibe was going to resonate deeply with me, anyway.

    I absolutely can't wait for the rest of the album, though I don't see the point in waiting another two months to release it unless she has more of a rollout planned. It feels so good to have her back, I've missed her so much. Melodrama carried me through a really hard period of my life and it's sometimes difficult to return to it because of the memories I have associated with it, so I'm more than ready for new music to grow with and experience this new chapter of life with. It's also kind of insane to me that this is only her third album, and not to mention how immaculate the quality is.
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  6. The no CD thing is hysterical. Also, the cover is cute but I’ll be using the single cover for sure.
  7. August? (deep breath) Okay, girl.
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  8. "No CD because environment" followed by her selling three kinds of plastic bottles is hilarious to me. But I guess you could argue that the bottles are fine because they're reusable bottles.
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  9. Well to be fair by the end of August Winter is ending and the warm weather starts again in Southern Hemisphere so I guess you Northernies lose this time around!
  10. Sam


    ? They’re the same
  11. My bad! I got confused for a minute and thought this:
    was the official cover. Glad she chose the correct one.
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  12. The record plant workers did say to expect the cost to go through the nose with a shortage of pellets for colors and an 8-month backup but I agree. Around $40USD + shipping for a single LP is a bit ridiculous.
  13. Pre-sale for the tour starts this Wednesday?????????

    There's no way I'm going to Primavera, but that June date in London looks nice and I would like time to think and ponder and wonder and deliberate and meditate if my credit card will go through.
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  14. I was like "Album for the summer... being released at the end of summer... [​IMG] "

    Until I realized......​
  15. Essentially releasing an empty box and charging more for it than a standard CD would sell for?

    And y'all said Bloom had no impact.
  16. Everything about this campaign is obnoxious as fuck.
  17. I love that she’s giving an alternative to the no CD stance but it could’ve been a card box case if she didn’t want plastic!

    Also, Stoned At The Nail Salon is gonna end me.
  18. I wonder if Japan will come through with a CD or if she's put a stop to them there too.
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  19. He's not wrong though. It is pretty obnoxious, but the music is good, so I can ignore it.
  20. I think the no CD thing is being a bit too harshly criticised. Even if there's been a big vinyl boom, CDs are still seen as the mass market product that people are more likely to chuck out. They're also much harder to recycle than vinyl and can degrade over time.

    I'll eat my words if some pretentious quotes come from her about this, but for now I see no issue with what she said about trying to find more eco-friendly solutions.
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